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The 7X rib-eye is cooked on the rotisserie, as all the meats are.

26 Avondale Lane | inside the Beaver Creek Lodge | beaver creek 970.845.1730

While trends come and go, a revolution is the catalyst for lasting change. Chef Riley Romanin knows what the modern foodie is looking for on a menu: quality, simplicity and intelligent flavor. His newest restaurant in Beaver Creek has been open for less than two years, but it’s definitely setting a high bar for ingredient-inspired innovation.

“We just use really, really good product,” Romanin explains, “and let the guest drive it from there.”

Located inside the Beaver Creek Lodge, Revolution is warm with a buzz, like an inviting bistro that’s hidden but urban, as if in an alley of a strip like Vegas, Times Square or Hollywood. Waves of dim red lighting flood the ceiling in the bar and open kitchen — both set right at the entrance to the restaurant, while its name is spelled out in rows of shiny pennies set into the tile floor. Cozy seats by the fireplace and the sight of snow falling outside reminds you you’re still in the mountains, and the ingredients reflect that.

What Romanin has created is a fun and lively scene, paired with every angle of full dining satisfaction. Colorado meat is the star of the show here, and homemade sauces the ensemble. Steakhouse style, guests can pick turf or surf options like 7x rib-eye or Colorado rack of lamb, Skuna Bay salmon or Maine lobster. Then you pick a style: blackened and blue or carne asada, the Asian-inspired kalbi style or mushroom with truffle butter. There are more than styles to choose from — some better for steak and some better for poultry and fish, so it’s truly a choose-your-own adventure experience.

Start the evening with a homemade cocktail like the Woody Creek Mtn Sour, a nicely balanced blend of Woody Creek bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, egg whites and a carpano antica float. Bread service is where it’s at here, with homemade naan bread and tortillas served with a selection of Revolution’s signature sauces.

Order the warm, pumpkin seed-crusted goat cheese salad as an appetizer, and for the table to taste, a mind-blowing plate of 7x bone marrow with a serrano jam and an onion marmalade.

The restaurant is named for its revolutionary approach to preparing food, but equally for the revolving action, or revolutions, that take place with a rotisserie. This is the way  Romanin and his kitchen staff prepare meat here, and selections like the bacon-wrapped Boulder chicken breast, and the center-cut 7x rib-eye are so tender and succulent. Be sure to at least try Revolution’s R1 sauce — it’s their own, horseradish-based steak accompaniment.

“We definitely have evolved, and Revolution is a steakhouse by cuisine, but rotisserie by technique,” explains Romain. “We focus on food, simplicity, and everything being done just right on the rotisserie.” 

Cocktails & Dreams:
Apps: $8-$25
Featured Butcher’s Block: $22-$42
Handhelds: $19-$30
Sides: $5-$8

Upscale & ‘revolutionary’
Signature dish
The Rotisserie Mountain View Porchetta; the 7x prime rib
With food rotating on hot spits, are you kidding?

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