At The Bookworm in Edwards, crepes pair well with good reads |

At The Bookworm in Edwards, crepes pair well with good reads

Brenda Himelfarb
EAT Magazine

You might wonder what a bookstore can possibly bring to a menu. Great food and care, for starters. And The Bookworm delivers that in spades — and has since 2007, when they first introduced crepes, which are still the core of the bookstore’s varied menu. The idea of a cafe within a bookstore is aimed specifically to integrate food for the mind and the body — a union of food and books that invites people to come and hang out. The books themselves are very much a part of the room.

In fact, all of the café’s food items are named after books or authors; one of the most well-known, the Julia Child crepe, includes Nutella, powdered sugar and strawberries or bananas. The Bel Canto salad, too, is a favorite. Who can resist prosciutto, figs, pears, blue cheese and organic mixed greens topped with balsamic vinaigrette?

Vegetarian and vegan options abound like gluten-free vegan crepes, made with an almond flour base that makes for a crispy crepe with just a bit of sweetness. And there’s the Giving Tree — avocado toast made with local micro greens — and the Rainbow Fish — wild smoked salmon on toasted pumpernickel bread. “We’re always focused on community,” says Nicole Magistro, The Bookworm’s owner. “Community with authors and food vendors. Knowing where every ingredient comes from so we can feel good about everything prepared in our cafe.” Best of all, The Bookworm, with its sunny patio, is adjacent to the bike path, making it very easy for you to eat and run — or eat and ride.

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