Matsuhisa Vail serves cuisine inspired by the seasons |

Matsuhisa Vail serves cuisine inspired by the seasons

Stunning mountain days that soften into lovely summer evenings are ideally spent from a place where you can soak it all in. Sit on the open-air patio at Matsuhisa Vail and relish the expansive views of the village and all the mountainous terrain beyond it.

For a special date night or family outing, the refined service and hospitality at Matsuhisa turn any evening into a sweet occasion. Order a Gardener cocktail to start — for a fun change, ask for tequila instead of gin for a unique play on the cocktail that combines spirit with serrano pepper, cilantro, ginger and lime.

Chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa has been recognized internationally for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients, and Matsuhisa Vail General Manager Jordan Harrill says Nobu is cultivating a lot of his recent inspiration from vegetables.

“Our kitchen continues to stay inspired every season,” Harrill enthuses. “We’re working with local farms and creating great relationships to share these incredible ingredients with our guests.”

Shishito peppers and toro tartare are wonderful starters this summer, and definitely don’t miss the heirloom tomato salad, complete with a cilantro-mint vinaigrette and topped with flakes of black Cyprus sea salt.

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It’s always a treat to let the Matsuhisa team guide you through their menu. From the kitchen to the bar and dining room, this staff knows what they’re serving you and why, so it can be as much of a learning experience as it is a truly enjoyable meal. They may recommend a perfect piece of tuna or Scottish salmon on a crisp lotus root chip, or help you fulfill a sushi roll craving with a Tiradito Roll topped with a luscious white fish and filled with tempura-fried shishito pepper, avocado and creamy spicy sauce.

A festive evening carries on seamlessly with a bamboo carafe of the TK40, a silky yet defined rendition of Nobu’s exclusive Hokusetsu sake. Every sip exhibits the perfect balance of vanilla and fruit and provides a delectable pairing with, say, king crab tempura atop sweet ponzu. For a main dish, black truffles are quite the treat on a filet of Chilean sea bass, especially alongside a glass of French chardonnay. New this summer, a homemade coconut rice pudding with a flavor and texture so lovely it reminds us why to never skip the sweetest course. 

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