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Pepi’s Bar & Restaurant

Roasted red and gold beets with arugula, almonds, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

231 East Gore Creek

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It’s not often you can say “check out what’s new at Pepi’s.”

“We were busy last winter, but this winter I think it’s going to be even more,” Kaschitz says.

The dedication to the classic nature of the place is what has contributed to its success over the last several decades.

“If I tried to remove some of the items off the menu, I wouldn’t just lose my job, I’d lose my head,” says executive chef Helmut Kaschitz.

The dedication can be seen not only in the commitment to the classic menu items guests have come to expect – like wienerschnitzel, escargot and the steak tartare — but in the constant attentiveness from the restaurant and hotel’s longtime owners, Austrian immigrants Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer. The couple lives on the property, works there all day, and eats most of their meals there.

So when it was suggested that they remodel their bar and condense the menu a bit, it was a suggestion that was not welcome at first.

“Finally we were able to meet in the middle,” Kaschitz says.

The result is a bigger bar with large windows looking out to Bridge Street, new floors, a new ceiling, the bar itself is new and so are the bathrooms. And the menu is a little easier to take in at first glance.

“I think the changes will really liven up the atmosphere in here,” Kaschitz says.

The bar menu will be condensed to a few tavern fare items along with some Austrian classics like the pretzel with mustard and cheese sauce.

From the restaurant menu, there’s a few new items to try. Kaschitz and his trusty sous chef, Richard Frazier, tried a few items last summer which were a success and will make the winter menu. Look for pork shanks and beef stroganoff among them.

“They went through the roof this summer so we have to bring them back,” Kaschitz says.

Also look for a few new salads, including a beet salad, a tomato mozzarella salad a Ceasar salad.

Apps $12-$17, lunch $12-$18 and dinner $20-$38
Traditional Austrian
Signature dish

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