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The Remedy Bar in Vail wants to remedy your week with elixirs, potions and concoctions — also known as alcohol. They also want to follow up with doctor’s orders, green therapies and sweet therapies — the culinary side of the restaurant and lounge. Their mission seems to be landing, as the establishment has become a beating heart of locals and visitors enjoying a convivial place to imbibe, nosh and enjoy one another’s company.

From secluded lounge-style seating by the fire, to an alcove fitted with larger high tops, couches and televisions, to the expansive outdoor section that comes equipped with fire pits and sweeping views of Vail Mountain, an afternoon snack, evening meal or nightcap at The Remedy is tailor made for whoever is ready to indulge. The menu offers a medley of experiences for every type of visit, along with nightly specials that keep a steady stream of visitors — and a large following of locals — coming back for more. Whether it’s Colorado whiskey flights, game-day burgers or live jazz, there is always something special at The Remedy.

Executive chef Marcus Stewart has created a fun, eclectic menu that reads like a choose-your-own-adventure book. His culinary enthusiasm is obvious in everything from the 10 Alarm Chili Bison Burger to The Cioppino Cure to Charlotte’s Revenge Pork Ribs. As anyone who has spent any time with the chef knows, he has a flair for naming things. Though the food is of utmost importance at The Remedy, the cornerstone of the establishment is Steven Teaver, beverage director.

“Steven has a culinary background that he incorporates into the beverage program,” says Stewart. “He creates his own infusions and shrubs for the cocktails, and we work together to complement each other’s menus.”

Teaver’s menus are diverse and inventive. With international influences, diners can experience concoctions inspired by the Caribbean, South America, France and the U.S.’s own cocktail culture. Infused syrups and spirits, plus some sleight of hand, make it a bit of dinner — or at least drinking — theater that plays right alongside the mood of the rest of the lounge.

But here is the kicker: While happy, well-dressed people chat amongst each other at the bar, a family sits in the dining area enjoying dinner and watching a football game on a 165” television. That’s the thing about this place, you can order the drink of your dreams and still get a great burger for the game. 

Cocktails $14-$15, Starters $6-$20,
Mains $16-$44

Bright, spacious
and inviting
Signature dish
Tuna Huarache, Kalbi glazed beef ribs

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