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Green Elephant Juicery

New summer juices include Glow-E and Rosewater Lemonade, served alongside peanut-butter cookie-dough bites. | Green Elephant Juicery | EAT Magazine Summer 2016

Juice and smoothies $9.50, grab-and-go meals and snacks $3.95-$10
So fresh and so clean, and always convenient
Signature dish
Glow-E juice, and black bean and guacamole wrap

DRIVE THRU 2111 North Frontage Road | West Vail | 970.688.5247

150 East Beaver Creek Boulevard | Avon | 970.470.4042

616 W. Lionshead Circle, Unit 206, Concert Hall Plaza | Vail | 970.470.4206 |

With all the options for wining and dining throughout the Vail Valley, Green Elephant provides a refreshing counterpoint that has not only amassed a hefty local following, but has created a kind of pilgrimage for visitors looking to start the day on a lighter note than they ended the previous evening. The motto at Green Elephant offers a similarly refreshing take on their culinary goal, and is found most prominently on their juice bottles, “Our Mission is Simple: Make it Easy for People to Eat Healthy Foods.”

Easy? Yes. Healthy? Of course. Tasty? Definitely. A bottle of Green Elephant’s cold-pressed juice is one of the more convenient — and enjoyable — ways to ingest a plethora of healthful fruits and veggies. Owners Osha Groetz and Leo Flynn hold their products to a high standard as well, using quality ingredients and making everything fresh.

“Each juice has up to two and a half pounds of produce that go into it,” explains Flynn. “There’s no added sugar, and everything is organic. No exceptions.

Year-round favorites are always on hand at Green Elephant’s Avon location, its grab and go spot in Lionshead, and via their bicycle delivery. Online ordering is another popular method for customers to get their hands on the coveted, nutrient-packed elixirs, and is available right to your doorstep, or hotel room. Newer additions, like the Glow-E juice, which is packed with lemon, orange and watermelon, and the Rosewater Lemonade, featuring beet, lemon, maple syrup and pure rose oil, make seasonal appearances to capitalize on summer produce as well.

Green Elephant’s acai bowls are all made to order at the flagship Avon spot, where they also make their smoothies to order, as well as to send to the drive-through location in West Vail for a freshly made pick-me-up. Similarly, the juice spot’s line of plant-based grab-and-go meals has been a popular addition to their locations, with heartier options like the black bean and guacamole wrap being a favorite among locals looking for a lunch that won’t weigh them down. The grab-and-go meals have been picked up by other vendors throughout the Vail Valley as a staple in their ready-made food sections because of their popularity as well.

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“The grab-and-go meals really go with our mission to make it easy to pick up a healthy alternative,” explains Groetz. “The reception has been really great, and it’s been exciting to become a part of the community as that option.”

While a visit to one of Green Elephant’s locations — or an order from their delivery bike — is a must while in town, be sure to find them at either the Vail, Edwards, Minturn or Dillon Farmer’s Markets for an uplifting and energizing taste this summer.

photos by dominique taylor


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