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Hooked brings ocean flavor to the mountains

Dinner appetizers: $8-$28 Signature Sushi Rolls: $17-$24 Entrées: $22-$60 Ambiance: Fresh seafood and fish house in the center of Beaver Creek village Signature dish: Half raw and half cooked whole fish preparation

Hooked is a delicious reminder that fresh ocean flavor really can be found in the Colorado mountains. This seafood and fish house in Beaver Creek receives the best-of-the-best sushi-grade fish from Japan, Hawaii, California, New Zealand, Spain and beyond.

Guests can order appetizers like Oysters, Ceviche De Hoy or Dynamite Tacos, and for the turf lovers, Korean BBQ 7x Short Ribs. Entrée offerings of Shrimp Scampi and Fish N’ Chips are available too, but don’t miss the signature dining experience at Hooked: whole fish preparation. Pick a fish for your table, like a New Zealand Tai, and the chefs will prepare it in a variety of raw and cooked renditions.

Start with the chef’s variation of your raw fish, like a sashimi preparation, ceviche or sushi roll. Choose between a variety of cooked techniques for your table fish as well, like pan seared or steamed, flame broiled or flash fried. Purists will like it served simply with extra virgin olive oil, charred lemon and sea salt. Most fish are served on the bone, so you can pull off the tender pieces yourself. Alongside a glass of sake or Chablis, let each unique preparation please your palate in a new way.

Order “Omakase” to simply say in Japanese: ”I’ll leave it up to the chef.”

Thank local owner and chef, Riley Romanin, for the special experience he has created at Hooked. He’s teamed up with General Manager and resident Fish Monger Joel Campbell, along with Chef Brandon Woodhall, to make every meal at Hooked delicious, fun and fresh.

“We’re really just hitting it on all points here,” Woodhall shares, “with every preparation, from the whole fish to hot appetizer preparations and large plates. It’s really exciting for all of us as a team to come together and collaborate with the Omakase ideas because there’s so much happening already here, it’s just natural for it to keep evolving.”

Seafood lovers can of course enjoy ocean specialties of oysters, king crab legs or a steamed lobster. Check the chalkboards to see what in-season specials are in house for the evening.

And for dessert, make it mochi … red velvet or triple chocolate; lychee or pistachio. Or if you’re still feeling thirsty, the Shisho Whiskey Sour made with Sensei Japanese Whiskey has an apple simple syrup and light dash of lemon that makes for a truly sweet ending. 

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