Lauren’s Kitchen offers a unique approach to feeding Edwards’ health-conscious |

Lauren’s Kitchen offers a unique approach to feeding Edwards’ health-conscious

Kari Mohr
EAT Magazine
Price Entrées: $9-13 (2-servings), Sides: $5, Salads: $8-9, Soups: $6
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Hours are 11am-7pm Mon-Fri, Sat 12-5, Closed Sundays.
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Recycling program for entrée and side containers: bring back clean for 5% off next purchase

Lauren’s Kitchen offers a totally unique approach to feeding the Vail Valley’s hungry and health-conscious clientele, and that’s just the way Chef Lauren McElroy likes it.

“I enjoy coming to work,” says McElroy, who starts each morning at the Edwards Riverwalk restaurant by putting together the day’s offerings from scratch. The meals are designed for grab-n-go but customers can also choose to dine in the welcoming bistro setting.

Lauren’s Kitchen only uses fresh seasonal ingredients, which means the menu of entrées, sides, salads, and soups changes daily. Comfort food with a healthy twist, McElroy’s love of Italian, Mexican and Southwestern flavor profiles culminate in dishes like chicken parmesan, a vegan Buddha Bowl, her signature pecan crusted chicken and green chili mac n cheese. There are also daily gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free options.

“My approach is that if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t serve it,” says McElroy, who found her passion for cooking in her grandmothers’ kitchens as a kid in Texas. Armed with a culinary degree, she launched her local catering business, New American Foods, in 2013 and still offers customizable menus and food for special gatherings to her Lauren’s Kitchen clientele. Lauren’s Kitchen only opened in November 2018, but it’s already amassed a dedicated following. “Once people get the grab-n-go concept, they keep coming back for more,” the vivacious chef says with a grin, before jumping up to guide a customer through the day’s menu. 

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