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Nicky’s Quickie

Nicky's Quickie Platter with organic mixed green Greek salad, organic potato and leek latkes, grilled pita and tzatziki sauce. | Nicky's Quickie | EAT Magazine Summer 2016

Sides — $1.25 - $7.79; Pitas and salads —
$6.49 - $11.99

Platters - $14.99; Family meal - $69.99
Gourmet street food in a casual setting
Signature Dish
The Nicky’s Quickie —
grass-fed lamb and beef gyro
Kid Friendly?

141 Main Street | Minturn | 970.827.5616 |

Quality meets convenience — that’s the way the Vail Valley does fast food, and that’s Nicky’s Quickie. The business is in its 12th year, known for fresh and flavorful Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, available at local farmers’ markets, festivals, and from its quaint kitchen on Main Street in Minturn.

Chef-owner Stephen Porter first started as an event vendor in 2004, opening the restaurant six years later. He realized quickly how many of his customers had ethical diets, allergy diets and specific food preferences, and he decided to cater to them all.

“Once we started making food, I thought to myself, ‘why can’t I make a few simple adjustments as a chef and produce a gourmet street food that is going to be accessible to 95 percent of the population?’” shares Porter. I want our guests to be able to eat food with confidence regardless of their walk in life.”

Follow the allergy legend on the Nicky’s Quickie menu to see what’s vegetarian, gluten-free or soy free; meat-lovers, along with pig-free eaters, can chow down, too.

“We do a lot of religious diets, too,” explains Porter. “We don’t allow pork in the restaurant so we can take care of Muslims and Kosher-leaning Jews. We also take care of allergy diets, and vegans and vegetarians.”

The original and signature gyro, the Nicky’s Quickie, is made from grass-fed lamb or beef. You can have it with chicken or veggies instead, but an all-around favorite is the Nicky’s Crispie — a crispy fried fava and garbanzo-filled falafel with greek spices on a grilled pita, with rosemary tahini vinaigrette, and lots of veggies.

You can have a full pita or a half, or have it made salad-style.

Ordering is painless, because you can get exactly what you want, no questions asked. Everything Nicky’s serves is homemade, from scratch, and you can find it locally this summer at the Vail and Minturn farmers’ markets, Eagle’s ShowDownTown, and of course, at the roadside restaurant in Minturn, which serves lunch and dinner, and offers take out, catering and in the winter, delivery.

“The premise behind our menu is saying ‘yes’ to people and making it work for them,” Porter says.

Larger appetites will want to check out the platter, which includes an organic mixed green Greek salad, potato latkes, grilled quartered pita and sauce served on the side. Families can order an Eat-Together-Meal with protein, pitas, salad, sauce and sides, for four to six people. “Nicky’s Tasty Sides” include organic red quinoa tabouli preservative-free hummus and organic brown rice dolmas, among several other options.

For dessert, try the Heartstopper — a decadent and delicious milkshake made from heavy cream, in chocolate, strawberry, caramel, coffee or baklava. Porter makes a vegan milkshake, too, confirming that although quick and convenient, Nicky’s leaves no foodie left behind.

Nicky’s Quickie is available for dine-in, carry out and delivery throughout the valley. !

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