Rocky Mountain Taco serving two locations all summer |

Rocky Mountain Taco serving two locations all summer

Price: Two tacos for $5, or a burrito, quesadilla or torta for $8. Ambiance: Food truck with al freso dining or grab-and-go options. Signature dish: Add steak or pork carnitas to the Hippie Crack burrito, with red potatoes, grilled poblano, Anaheim and red bell peppers, onion, shredded carrots and avocado spread topped with pico de gallo, cheese and spicy crema.

This summer, you can get “the world’s most best taco” in two locations: the original Rocky Mountain Taco truck parked in EagleVail outside Vail Brewing Co. or a second food trailer in Avon sandwiched between the Westin Riverfront and Wyndham resorts.

Food service begins in Avon at 10:30 a.m. each day, an hour earlier than the EagleVail location, with the option to add eggs to any of the menu items for a quick grab-and-go breakfast. Or lounge at one of the outdoor tables and soak up some Colorado sunshine.

“This last winter we had an amazing season and it really blew up,” says co-owner Dan Purtell of the Avon location. “We just put out a couple of tables and chairs in the last week, and it’s been super popular so far.”

Both locations sling tacos, burritos, quesadillas and torta sandwiches, with options including the Alambre, with grilled steak, bacon, chorizo, bell peppers, onion and avocado, or the White Chick, with grilled chicken, poblano and Anaheim peppers and a creamy, alfredo-esque sauce.

Everything at Rocky Mountain Taco is made from scratch with no preservatives, from the marinade for the carne asada to the signature red and green salsas and habanero, chipotle and jalapeño cremas, and it’s served fresh each day until it runs out.

Customers dig the food and the vibe, awarding Rocky Mountain Taco with a half-dozen Best of Vail honors last year, from best burrito to best worker’s lunch.

“The love we’ve been shown is insane,” Purtell says. “People are down for us, and it’s so cool; we never saw that coming.”

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