Fourpoints energy & protein bars, available in REI, spawned from chairlift rides in Vail’s Back Bowls |

Fourpoints energy & protein bars, available in REI, spawned from chairlift rides in Vail’s Back Bowls

Fourth-generation Coloradan brothers create bars for outdoor enthusiasts like themselves, professional athletes and members of the military

Fourpoints is a Colorado company that is available across the country, as well as sent to members of the military overseas. The founders, brothers Kevin and Patrick Webber, are passionate about conservation efforts in addition to providing a product for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and the men and women of the U.S. military.
James Lenhart | Special to the Daily

Fourpoints slow-burn energy bars are used by outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes and members of the U.S. military. Launched in 2015 by fourth-generation Coloradans, the prune-based product is available in REI stores across the country, as well as select grocery stores and more than 200 retailers — as well as shipped to the men and women of the armed forces serving across the globe.

The Colorado-based company also walks the walk with its conservation efforts, helping protect the lands its customers treasure. Fourpoints is a 1% for the Planet business member, giving back at least 1% of annual sales to outdoor conservation partners as part of its Wherever You Play initiative. Each wrapper has a logo of a nonprofit Fourpoints supports, including the Continental Divide Coalition, and the company also is an advocate for protecting Camp Hale while also sponsoring a 12-mile stretch of land in Wolf Creek. Its founders also lobby in Washington, D.C.

“Growing up here, we grew up in the mountains. We know how important it is to be good stewards of the land,” said Kevin Webber, co-founder with his brother Patrick. “It was taught to us from an early age. I think it’s the responsibility of all the companies in this industry to do that — or any industry, really.”

Kevin and Patrick Webber are fourth-generation Coloradans from Evergreen. They spent time skiing in Vail on family trips before moving to the valley from 2002 to 2005.
James Lenhart | Special to the Daily

‘I remember riding the chair in the Back Bowls’

The Webber brothers grew up in Evergreen, frequenting Vail on family ski trips growing up before living in the valley from 2002 to 2005. Their family has seen two generations of diabetes, and Kevin studied sports nutrition.

While living in the valley, they worked in the restaurant industry — Los Amigos, Vendetta’s, Elway’s Vail, among others. They also took advantage of the outdoor opportunities living in the Rocky Mountains, hiking, climbing and, of course, skiing.

“I remember riding the chair in the Back Bowls and trying to eat bars that were frozen, rock solid, and just thinking that I can’t believe nobody’s come up with a bar you can actually eat on a chairlift,” Kevin said.

A couple of years later, while summiting the 14ers Mount Oxford and Mount Belford in the Sawatch Range, Kevin experienced a blood sugar crash. The brothers, with their experiences in the outdoors, education and family history, knew they could do better with nutritional energy bars.

“We were making this for the right reasons,” Kevin said. “After a while, we figured out we have something completely unique to everybody else.”

In a world where avocados are applauded and cauliflower is commended, Fourpoints is making a push for prunes to get a little praise.

Fourpoints has two lines of bars to satisfy different consumers, including its plant-based energy bars and Tactical line of protein bars.
James Lenhart | Special to the Daily

The power of prunes

The fruit is not native to Colorado, but the Webber brothers are working with California Prunes, another logo proudly on each wrapper.

“That’s the thing that’s innovative about our product,” Kevin said. “This is nature’s perfect endurance super food. It really gives you the energy without the crash.”

In the early 2000s, dates made a splash as the key ingredient in nutritional energy bars, Kevin said, but prunes are an overlooked fruit.

“I said if Brussel sprouts and cauliflower — and my favorite is chia seeds, an unattractive little seed that looks like a pebble of dirt with no flavor at all, if that can make it, then prunes can, too.”

Broken into two lines — plant-based energy bars and Tactical whey protein bars — Fourpoints features flavors like Backcountry Banana Bread (the top seller), Powder Day PB&J, Alpine Apple Pie, Mountain Mocha Espresso and Trailhead Gingerbread. The new Tactical whey protein bar flavors include Commando Coconut Crunch, Basecamp Banana Split and Camp Hale Choco-Peanut.

Each package has a topographical map and coordinates of a place in Colorado the Webber brothers grew up enjoying.

“We are incredibly active and vocal with conservation,” Kevin said. “We are always advocating for the conservation of Camp Hale. So we decided with the Tactical line, trying to provide our men and women of the military with a better nutritional product, let’s call it Camp Hale Chocolate Peanut.”

When starting Fourpoints, the Webber brothers used feedback from consumers — backpackers, climbers, skiers, members of the Denver Broncos, military personnel and other people living active lifestyles. They learned quickly that some of their customers really wanted a vegan option (no whey protein, hemp-based), while others are still hesitant with the hemp-based products. So Fourpoints re-launched its main line to be 100% hemp protein to satisfy its vegan customers and then created its Tactical line, featuring higher-calorie, higher-protein whey protein meal replacement bars. With the Tactical line, Fourpoints is partnering with Troopster, a veteran-owned nonprofit that sends packages to troops on deployment.

“After meeting so many awesome soldiers who told us how bad some of the food and nutrition options are, we thought it was a really good opportunity for us,” Kevin said.

And while California prunes help pack important nutrients into the bars, the individual flavors of each bar shine through.

“Prunes don’t have that cloyingly sweet taste that dates have,” Kevin said. “There’s still sugar in them, but it’s the lowest glycemic dried fruit on the market, and it’s the highest antioxidant capacity fruit on the market, even more than blueberries. It really is this amazing fruit that not only helps you with digestion and bone health but also in endurance and blood sugar support. But the flavor is a little bit richer, but it’s not super sweet. It’s actually really enjoyable.”

The Fourpoints team shares their product with Senator Michael Bennet. For more information about Fourpoints, visit the website and follow the company on social media.
Special to the Daily

While sending their product across the world, the Webber brothers are thankful for their Colorado roots.

“We’re always really proud to talk about our time here in Vail,” Kevin said. “Even though we didn’t grow up here our whole lives, it was very influential.”

For more information about Fourpoints bars, visit and follow the Colorado company on social media.

“We’re just trying to tell our story across Colorado and get people behind us as a local company that’s doing some good stuff,” Kevin said.

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The ‘four’ points

These are the four goals that Fourpoints works to satisfy with each bar it creates.

  • Real food: “Real energy comes from real food.”
  • Slow-burn energy: “They not only give you energy, they help maintain it.”
  • Macronutrient rich: “Proper nutrition fuels better performance.”
  • Delicious: “You deserve an energy bar that delivers clean energy, is easily enjoyed on-the-go and tastes amazing all in the same package.”

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