Free ‘SilentHike’ gives people headphones to listen to mindfulness commentary while hiking |

Free ‘SilentHike’ gives people headphones to listen to mindfulness commentary while hiking

By John Meyer
The Denver Post
Murray Hidary is a pianist/composer who led hikers on a spiritual journey on Flagstaff Mountain above Boulder Aug. 20. Through wireless headphones, they heard his mindfulness commentary delivered live, along with his recorded music.
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Seeking to merge individual and communal experiences with an accompaniment of contemporary classical music in a nature setting, pianist/composer Murray Hidary is bringing his MindTravel tour to Boulder for a group hike on Flagstaff mountain.

The “SilentHike” to Realization Point happened on Aug. 20, but the name is a bit of a misnomer. Hikers will wear wireless headphones so they can hear Hidary’s recorded music along with his mindfulness commentary, delivered live, while he hikes with them.

“With MindTravel, we create space for people to reflect, contemplate and just have space and time to reduce stress, anxiety and use music to bridge nature, the external landscape, with their internal landscape,” Hidary said in a phone interview. “They’ll put the headphones on and we all walk together as a group, which I lead. The experience is about having your own alone time. When you put the headphones on, you’re in that internal, intimate individual experience — and something magical happens when you look around. You realize you’re having this communal experience at the same time with everyone else having their own intimate experience.”

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