Free swag at Birds of Prey: where to find the best stuff |

Free swag at Birds of Prey: where to find the best stuff

At big festivals in the Vail Valley, one of the common threads between them is the abundance of free swag sponsors give out on the streets and from their tents. You could even call Birds of Prey Way “Swag City” if you really wanted to. Some of it is food, some of it is stuff, some of them are skin products.

Being a recent college graduate, I know the importance and value of free swag. And boy, is there a lot of it. I collected all of it so you don’t have to and can decide which stuff you want the most.

Here’s a list of all the free swag you can get at Birds of Prey.

Centural Health Emergency Care

The Avon health center is giving away water bottles, chapsticks and sunblock sticks at its tent, located near the ice rinks.


J.Lindberg has stickers and non-alcoholic mulled wine.
Casey Russell |

The Swedish ski outfitter is giving away stickers and non-alcoholic mulled wine. They also have a contest going for whoever puts their sticker in the best location and shares it on social media with the hashtag #JLJLBirdsofPrey. That person will win ski gear from the brand, and so will winners of an hourly bean bag toss. The JLJL tent by the ice rink also has coupons for 10% off purchase at Christy Sports in Avon and Vail.

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Kari Traa

Pick up a sticker while making a smore at the Kari Traa tent.
Casey Russell |

The women’s winter apparel retailer has stickers and three-times-daily giveaways for baselayers. Fuel up on sugar with a smore from their smores station as well.

Nature Valley

The Spyder stickers are free: pick one up or grab one to go with your baselayer.
Casey Russell |

These are an absolute staple in the Vail Valley. They’re always tossed out like candy at events, and they’re available at the gondolas at Vail before boarding. As one of the sponsors, the green Nature Valley tents are everywhere and so are their brand ambassadors who hand out the bars in the streets. Grab handfuls from the metal bins at the tents. They have literal tons of these things, and doing this saved me from grocery shopping for about two weeks when I first moved here during the GoPro Mountain Games in June.

Most are probably familiar with the flagship granola bar, the Crunchy Oats & Honey. In addition to that one, Nature Valley has a wide range of additional Crunchy flavors as well as some newer styles.

The biscuits are two crunchy breakfast cookies with nut butter sandwiching them together. My personal favorite is the Almond Butter one, and there are a few varieties floating around, including Peanut Butter.

Two faces you may not have seen before include the Wafer bars. The peanut butter chocolate flavor has three layers of wafer and peanut butter, and is topped with chocolate and nuts. It tastes more like a cookie than it does like a granola bar. 

At Nature Valley’s tents, they also have trivia questions to win free swag, including collapsible metal straws, gloves, koozies, a Bluetooth speaker and ski socks from Smartwool.


No free beer, unfortunately, but there is a free photobooth next to the beer tent by the ice rink.


The metal mug from Polaris has thick walls and is likely to hold up to outdoor adventures.
Casey Russell |

The outdoor adventure company is doing a text-to-win giveaway of its General XP 1000 four-wheel offroader. Located by the ice rink, they also will be giving away swag including a metal mug, pictured here.


Ripple also has stickers and coupons.
Casey Russell |

Ripple, the alternative milk company, has three different designs of stickers, a coupon, a white beanie in exchange for email signup and mini lattes or coffees made using one of the several varieties of milk they have at their tent between the escalators and the ice rink.


Smartwool has stickers in addition to its match-finding promotion.
Casey Russell |

If you stop by the tent between the escalators and the ice rink, Smartwool is giving out stickers with a number on them: if you spot someone wearing a sticker with the same number, both of you won and can stop in to the Beaver Creek Smartwool store to pick up a prize. They also have stickers.


The Spyder baselayers are dry-fit and come in a variety of colors and sizes. I am wearing a white women’s medium.
Corinne Baud | Special to the Daily

In exchange for signing up to the ski and snowboard outfitter’s marketing email list, Spyder is giving out short sleeve dry-fit baselayers. They also have giveaways for full ski suits and stickers.

Steadman Clinic

Another Vail Valley health clinic, Steadman is giving away bright yellow reusable grocery bags – good for carrying all your free stuff, perhaps? – and exercise resistance bands.

Weleda Skin Food

The Weleda Skin Food comes in a small tube, but it’s likely to last a while.
Casey Russell |

Made in Germany, this skin cream is an all-purpose, plant-based skin cream. It comes in a .34-oz tube, and despite its small size, it could be like many high-end moisturizers where a little goes a long way. You’ll need something small and pointy to break the protective seal. I was able to use a pencil because I had one, but this product might be one to try at home instead.

Weleda also has a station of additional creams to try, but the only one you can take home with you is the Skin Food.

Wild Tonic

Wild Tonic has swag, including these glasses, at their tent in addition to samples of hard kombucha.
Casey Russell |

Brand representatives are pouring small samples of their Strawberry Blood Orange and Blueberry Basil hard kombuchas. They also have chapsticks, sunglasses, beanies and coupons.

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