From Sea Level column: I’m not lost, I’m just enjoying the sights |

From Sea Level column: I’m not lost, I’m just enjoying the sights

Lindsay Bribiescas
From Sea Level
Kids dance in front of the stage on Thursday, June 29, at the first concert of the ShowDown Town concert series in Eagle. Vail Daily intern Lindsay Bribiescas spent some time at local events during her second week in the Vail Valley.
Lindsay Bribiescas | |

The Sweet Lillies performed Thursday at Eagle Town Park, and the Vail Daily’s Tricia Swenson let me tag along to watch her both host the concert and produce a new video for

Now, I think I’ve been to Eagle more times than I’ve been anywhere else around here, so I like to pretend that I’m somewhat familiar with the area. I’m wrong.

I managed to get turned around — my second time that day, but at least this time, my phone didn’t die — but once I got there, it was a different vibe from Eagle Flight Days. Not polar opposites, but still different. This time, I managed to befriend a little girl and her younger brother when she caught me taking her photo. I met far too many people for me to remember their names, courtesy of Tricia.

Earlier that day, I went to go take pictures of cats at the Humane Society and a foster home that specializes in feral kittens. But on the way to the foster home, I managed to get on the one street in Vail that is completely closed to eastbound traffic and ended up doing circles trying to figure out another way to get there. In that time, my phone died. So at one point, I was sitting outside of a bunch of condos, pleading with my half-charged power bank to help my phone turn back on.

I did eventually get there, although I was 20 minutes late, and got the photos of the kitten.

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Tough to Beat

Later in the week, I got to go the Farm-to-Table Dinner put on by the Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show. Our entire table was filled with people from out of town, who were as nice as everyone else in this town. But the food was so amazing — I still can’t really pronounce the dishes we ate, but I can say there was a lot of food there that will be tough to beat.

On Sunday, I made my way toward the Vail Farmers’ Market again. While there, I ended up spending the better part of two hours staring at dogs — I saw one wearing goggles as sunglasses. And I finally achieved my dream of trying ice cream rolls, which were as awesome as I thought they’d be, although apparently beyond my ability to eat gracefully.

Then I got to spend some time with my friend’s family in town who brought their 3-year-old and 4-month-old with them. The 4-month-old, Will, is possibly the quietest baby I’ve ever met. Except for the next day, when I met Theo, who had recently turned 1 and wasn’t phased in the slightest by a bunch of people singing loudly. Which seems to be a quality that babies and toddlers have around here — I can’t remember any situations where there was a particularly loud kid.

So I would say that I’m beginning to get comfortable in the valley — now that I’ve gotten lost, eaten a lot of good food and met a bunch of friends — of all ages. I’m ready for Week 3.

Lindsay Bribiescas is interning at the Vail Daily this summer. She attended UCLA for one year and calls Santa Rosa, California, home. After the summer, she’ll head to St. Andrews in Scotland to finish her college degree. Contact her at

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