Garfinkel’s celebrates 25 years in Vail |

Garfinkel’s celebrates 25 years in Vail

Nate Day
Garfinkel's, founded in 1993, celebrated their 25th anniversary on Tuesday, Nov. 27, by bringing back the original 1993 menu, and serving food and beer at the original prices.
Nate Day | Special to the Daily

Lionshead Village staple Garfinkel’s celebrated its 25th anniversary on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

To celebrate, they dusted off the original 1993 menu, and served food at 1993 prices. Additionally, draft beers were 25 cents for the first round, then only $2.50 after that. The menu has since expanded, but still features all of the original menu items from the bar’s early days.

“Vail’s changed since 1993. It was a huge party town as we all know,” said Mike Dunlap, operations manager at Garfinkel’s. “Now that Vail is more (family-oriented), we had to change a few things … but it’s still fun.”

Another change that the joint has gone through has been the removal of a large fish tank that used to sit behind the bar, but during a past Super Bowl, the tank shattered, and has since been removed.

Garfinkel’s is known for its vintage and nostalgic photos that line the walls, highlighting the past of the Vail Valley. Pictures still line the walls today, as well as an original Garfinkel’s sign that was recovered in Telluride after being stolen by a drug dealer.

With all that’s changed, much has stayed the same as well. A famous photo of nude skiers still remains on the wall — although moved to a less prominent location to accommodate families, the shot wheel is still in operation above the bar and, of course, it’s still one of the hottest spots for apres ski in Lionshead Village.

Dunlap and Co. were so dedicated to offering 1993 prices, that he shimmied into the crawl space to find the original menu that had fallen between the slats in the attic.

The specials were in operation from 4 to 7 p.m., and the bar filled up quickly with apres skiers looking to celebrate the bar’s history.

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