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Graze on with The Grazing Fox

Take a gourmet antipasto platter on your next adventure

As someone who never really learned to cook, I love to nibble on what I call “happy appys”. If you eat enough appetizers, it will eventually equal a meal, right? It also allows an indecisive person like me to try several things and not commit to just one item to nosh on. That’s why I love grazing.

Grazing is gaining in popularity as a way to eat smaller portions of food, such as appetizers, in place of a full-sized meal. It’s also a way to snack during the course of the day in place of regular meals.

Do you have an event coming up? If so, check out The Grazing Fox and the elaborate meat and cheese boards that will be a hit at your next cocktail or office party or bridal or baby shower.

Pamela Davis, founder and creator of The Grazing Fox, believes that a graze is the ultimate way to treat your guests to a healthy and abundant dining experience. Davis was doing antipasto platters for friends for years before deciding to turn it into a business. Friends encouraged her to start turning her passion for party platters into a business.

We recently brought a Luxury Fox Box, which is a lovely economic box filled with many of the same items you would find on a table or board, to one of the outdoor concert venues around town and enjoyed grazing on the lawn while watching a show. Items like honey whipped chevre stuffed peppers, double cream brie, Borsellino salami and uncured soppressata tantalized our tasted buds. Other accompaniments included gigante bean and sweet pepper hummus, sun-dried plums and rosemary crostini. The variety of flavors and colors satisfied our cravings and were so appealing to the eye.

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No group is too large or too small for The Grazing Fox and Davis loves bringing the grazing adventure to your destination, be it the river, a hiking trail or ski run. These platters are perfect for travel. Consider grazing at your next event or take The Grazing Fox on your next outing. For more information, visit

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