Grill on the Gore focuses on locally sourced ingredients |

Grill on the Gore focuses on locally sourced ingredients

Heather Hower
EAT magazine
photo - Grill on Gore - Ribeye

Grill on The Gore’s prime beef ribeye from Creekstone Farms with parsnip mash and Bee Squared honey horesradish demi.

Editor’s note: This story first ran as a paid feature in EAT magazine’s summer edition.

With a tremendous outdoor patio that has spectacular views of the Gore Range as well as the manicured greens of the Vail Golf Course, Grill on the Gore is the sort of summertime spot everybody wants to discover. And at the restaurant, it’s all about an elevated experience: not the altitude, the attitude of Executive Chef David Sanchez. “Everything on the menu has a twist or is elevated,” he says. “We’re a full-service scratch restaurant with original recipes.”


What: Grill on the Gore.
Where: Vail Golf Club, 1775 Sunburst Drive. Vail.
Cost: Starters $8-$15; soups, salads and sandwiches $5-$17.
Signature dish: Anything from the smoker.
Ambiance: Warm and welcoming clubhouse.
More information: Call 970-477-5277 or visit

He adds that the staff focuses on how to take dishes to the next level, elevating the recipes.
It’s a typical case of the sum is greater than the parts. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possibly, whether it’s honey from Berthoud, microgreens from Edwards or even peach wood for the smoker from Grand Junction (more on that in a bit). In addition to using the freshest ingredients, the flavors really shine with the chef’s secret seasoning blend that enhances the flavor of everything from French fries to heirloom tomatoes.

Sanchez is fully hands-on. He has a special place in his repertoire for smoked meats — and this summer diners get to revel in his experience. A brand new, custom-made smoker was delivered in late spring. The beast sits adjacent to the course and will be fired up to smoke everything from whole pigs to brisket, bacon and sausage to prime rib, salmon, trout and even chicken wings. Sanchez can even host a crawfish boil right there.

photo - Grill on the Gore - peachwood smoked pork belly

Grill on The Gore’s peachwood smoked pork belly B.L.T. on sourdough with ancho aoili and the V.G.C. Signature Lemonade with wild blueberry and mint.

Dive into the Smoked Pork Belly BLT for a glimpse into the smoky deliciousness; it’s sandwiched between thick slices of sourdough bread, meaty slabs of tomato, avocado aioli and lettuce. The side of fries is a terrific ride-along.

Non-meat eaters can rejoice in the Clubhouse Salad—a hearty mix of greens, strawberries, goat cheese (from a farm in Buena Vista), avocado, candied pecans, dressed in a zingy, bright champagne vinaigrette. While the greens are locally sourced, soon they will be from even closer to home: right off the patio.

Sanchez tilled the soil and soon there will come to be a bounty of veggies and herbs: kohlrabi, strawberries, raspberries, a variety of lettuce, chiles, peppers, tomatoes, beets and squash. “We’ll expand the garden once we know what grows well here,” Sanchez adds. “We focus on farm, or garden, to table. It’s artisan-type cuisine.”It’s not only about using the best, highest-quality ingredients, it’s also about having a passionate staff, Sanchez says. “We have conversations in the kitchen about the quality we are putting out. Everybody’s passionate about what they are doing,” he shares.

The lovingly crafted food beckons, as does the friendly ambiance. And although it’s set on the Vail Golf Course, it’s certainly not only for golfers. Families, bikers, hikers, Segway riders — all are welcome. The wedding and banquet facility can hold 160 guests and is available for corporate events, parties and weddings

The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. through early dinner.

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