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Halloween costs a pretty penny these days

Some people dress up, some trick-or-treat and some head to a party or two to celebrate Halloween. Almost everyone, however, finds a way to drop some coin for the holiday.

LendEDU, a financial loan organization recently commissioned a study in which 1,000 Halloween celebrators were asked how much money they were expecting to spend on the 2018 holiday. The average amount to be spent on Halloween per person: $185.50.

The number is up from 2017's value of $169.81.

Participants were also asked how much money they'd be allocating to decorations, candy and costumes. Candy ranked the most expensive of the three, taking up 41 percent and $76.05 of the overall cost. Costumes came in a close second, costing 36 percent (at $66.78) and the final 23 percent ($42.67) went to decorations.