Healthy Living: Get back to you now that back to school is over |

Healthy Living: Get back to you now that back to school is over

Eating a protein-rich breakfast by adding egg to avocado toast will give the body the fuel it needs to get through the day and your workout.
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Editor’s note: The Healthy Living column provides exercise and diet tips from the Grand Hyatt Vail to help readers live their healthiest lives.

As many parents know, the back to school season can be a hectic time of year.

Between making lunches, running to sports practices or rehearsals and juggling work, it can be hard for parents to relax.

But now that it’s October and kids are getting back in the swing of things, now is a good time to get back to you.

Too often, people get in the mindset that a workout needs to be an hour long to count, but that simply is not the case.

A workout can be any length of time. After all, moving for a short period of time is better than not working out at all.

A 20-minute workout can yield great results and fits into a busy schedule.

To maximize a shorter workout, try a higher-intensity interval workout that pushes exertion higher, faster. Shorter and more intense bursts of exercise increase heart rate and cause the muscles to start burning more quickly.

A few other tips for maximizing a high-intensity interval training workout include a short warmup, keeping intervals to 2 minutes or less and not overdoing it, especially when starting a new routine.

Group fitness classes are another great way to get moving.

Most gyms offer midday classes throughout the week including spin, yoga, barre and more. Check out your gym’s class schedule for more information. Aria Athletic Club offers noon classes on various days throughout the week, with rotating classes and new ones added each month.

Finding a routine is key, and sticking to it is even more important.

Having a method and time of day to work out that excites individuals will make it easier to stick with the routine.

For those struggling to get a new routine started, be sure to set manageable goals.

New runners shouldn’t make a marathon their first goal because they’ll get burned out easily — maybe start by training for a 5K instead. Once you smash that personal record or lift that goal weight, find another goal to add on and keep building from there.

This time of the year is also great to implement healthy eating habits for the entire family.

Starting small, focus on beginning the day with a healthy breakfast, and including nutrient-rich snacks with fiber and protein in lunches.

For breakfast, try adding a fried or hard-boiled egg to your go-to avocado toast.

Switch from savory to sweet with a berry and yogurt parfait, or even prepare ahead and make a quiche. Mixed nuts and apple slices with peanut butter and even a little bit of dark chocolate are great snack options for parents and children alike.

As with starting a new exercise program, create small goals and then build from there to include healthy food options in each meal.

Emily Dornan is the club director at Aria Athletic Club at Grand Hyatt Vail. For more information on implementing healthy exercise and food habits, you can reach her at 970-479-5949 or

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