Healthy Living: Tips for pampering yourself or your valentine |

Healthy Living: Tips for pampering yourself or your valentine

Carly Oakland, Hotel Talisa
Healthy Living
Before beginning a massage, take a few moments to share positive thoughts—it'll help make the experience that much more special.
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Editor’s note: Healthy Living is a column featuring tips for self-care from resorts around the valley.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper your loved one whether it be booking a spa treatment or finding ways to bring the spa experience home.

Partner massages are a great way to connect in a unique way. Not only does decrease stress, but builds intimacy and unspoken communication. Another benefit is the release of oxytocin, the love hormone.

How do you do this? First, set the mood. Pay attention to what the senses are receiving — lighting, sound, temperature and scents. We suggest peaceful music, dim lighting and a soothing candle. A little research and intention also can go a long way. Look up massage techniques to get some tips about where to start and where to focus your attention.

Lastly, be mindful. Physical touch is the easiest way to pass your energy to another person, so take a few moments before you begin to breathe and center yourself. While performing the massage, be mindful about what you want your partner to receive. Think positive, loving thoughts.

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Whether you’re seasoned in meditating or a newbie, meditation with a partner can be a powerful tool to deepen your connection. When you think about the concept of meditation in general, with the removal of distractions and awareness of self, these can be powerful tools that allow you to remove the everyday business of life and allow you to become aware of only yourself and your partner.

Meditation with a partner is very similar to meditating alone. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone and requires a concerted effort on the part of yourself and your partner. Really commit yourselves to the practice to receive all of the deepening benefits.

If you are your own Valentine, make your own home the spa. Create the environment: Turn off any potential distractions (TV, phone, computer) and turn on soothing music. Typically music with a 72 or fewer beats per minute (slower than the typical heart rate) has a naturally calming effect. Dim the lights and light a candle. From there, make your spa treatments your own:

A long, warm soak

A body scrub followed by a warm shower (spray some eucalyptus for added effect) and a hydrating full body lotion application

A mani-pedi

A face or sheet mask

If you want to skip the at-home care and let the professionals pamper you, The Spa at Hotel Talisa offers a wide array of massages, facials and body treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate. Each day, they offer the special 2 Before 2 Savings, which includes two treatments before 2 p.m. for 20 percent off. Services must begin at or before 2 p.m. or priority and may be shared between two individuals.

For more information on The Spa at The Hotel Talisa, call 970-479-5942 or visit

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