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Hide a book, find a book — Book Scavenger program begins in Eagle County

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"Book Scavenger," by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, inspired the Eagle County scavenger hunt for books.
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If you go …

What: Book Scavenger summer program.

When: June 3 to Aug. 12.

Where: Books will be hidden all over the county.

For updates: Follow @bookworm_youngadult on Instagram

Cost: Free!

Take a book and hide it. Then follow clues to find a new one.

That’s the premise for the first annual Book Scavenger Hunt, which is open to locals and visitors of the Vail Valley from June until August.

This unique scavenger hunt is inspired by the middle grade novel “Book Scavenger,” by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.

For local kids, the idea is simple — take a book and hide it. The book can be whatever you like — a book that’s been sitting on your shelves for years or a personal favorite you want to pass on to someone else. You want to wrap the book in something protective such as a plastic bag to save it from the elements. Once hidden, you register the book on http://www.bookscavenger.com and explain the general location of the book. Then the fun part starts.

“I’m so excited for this event!” said The Bookworm of Edwards’ children’s department manager Sarah Taylor. “We will be posting updates on our young adult Instagram on books that have been found and let everyone know when we have hidden new books.”

The story inspires

The game is based on a similar one played by the book’s protagonist, Emily. She’s a girl with an odd home life. Her parents attempt a lifelong dream to live in all 50 states at least once. And when Emily was younger, the adventure of new places and new homes was always exciting. However, as she got older, she realized a sadder side to these adventures. She left friends and switched schools more times than she can count.

But when her family announces that their next move will be to the very city of Emily’s hero, she decides it can’t all be bad.

Elusive Mr. Griswold calls San Francisco home. And while the city houses enough book lore to bore an English professor, Emily finds the hometown of her favorite gamer just right.

Local hunters get ready

The idea to bring Emily’s game to the Vail Valley was sparked by Taylor, who loves to read but doesn’t want to overload kids with more assignments during summer vacation.

“We have always wanted to host a summer reading program,” Taylor said. “When I found the game really existed, I started researching books that were hidden in the Vail Valley. There were plenty hidden in the bigger cities but we had nothing. I wanted to change that.”

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