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High Altitude Society column: Vail Symposium celebrates 45 years

On the evening of Thursday, March 23, the Vail Symposium held a 45th anniversary celebration of its history of convening locally and thinking globally. In addition to looking at the past, the Vail Symposium has a keen eye on its bright and adventurous future. Members from all areas of the community came out to support the Symposium and its many accomplishments.

When I asked board member Jeanne Mosier to give a synopsis of the evening, she was thrilled with the turnout and happy to share.

“This is Vail Symposium’s 45th anniversary celebration, and we are honoring people who have been involved in the Vail Symposium in the past and we are reviewing the past, present and future,” she said. “We have had very good success this year and things are moving forward.”

The evening included toasts, speeches and a video tribute to the journey that has seen the Vail Symposium transform from its humble beginnings as a once-a-year summer conference to where it is today, holding nearly 50 events each year to explore pressing issues in geopolitics, health and wellness, adventure, consciousness, culture and technology.

The celebration also held the purpose of looking forward to the future to examine the value of information and knowledge and role the Vail Symposium will play in the community.

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The Symposium’s 45th anniversary event committee consisted of a host of powerhouses, including Ebby Pinson, Priscilla O’Neil, Karen Morter, Todger and Shannon Anderson, Pam and Ernie Elsner, Doris Dewton, Deb Luginbuhl, Elaine Kelton, Kat Haber, Jeanne and Dale Mosier, Kathy and Neal Kimmel, Laurie Kleisinger, Gary Gilman, Jeanette McMurtry, Rob LeVine, Jim and Bobbie Ruh and Pam and Richard Bard. Thank-yous went out to the Vail Symposium staff, board of directors, volunteers, caterers and local band Rewind for providing the entertainment.

All proceeds from the event benefited the Vail Symposium in its mission to provide educational programs that are affordable, thought provoking and diverse. If you were unable to attend, then you can still make a donation to support the organization at http://www.vailsymposium.org. Find more photos from the event at http://www.vaildaily.com.

Betty Ann Woodland is a longtime local who covers social events including fundraisers for nonprofits, local happenings and soirees of all kinds. She can be reached at bettyannw6@gmail.com.

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