High Altitude Society: Eagle County Charter Academy students learn etiquette at cotillion

Betty Ann Woodland
High Altitude Society
The Eagle County Charter Academy students pose with dancer, instructor and choreographer Colin Meiring at the cotillion dance.
Betty Ann Woodland | Special to the Daily

Students from Eagle County Charter Academy put on their spring dresses, suit coats and dancing shoes to perform ballroom dances at their cotillion graduation. There were handsome pinstriped seersucker blazers, flirty floral skirts, ribbons and taffeta. Taught by professional dancer, instructor and choreographer Colin Meiring, the cotillion classes are a welcome part of the enrichment curriculum.

Parents just love it. “This is so great! We love to watch them dance,” shared one mom. Courtesy and good manners are always a part of the required etiquette, which impresses teachers and parents alike.

The dance took place in the school gymnasium, where the students had ample room to show off their moves and twirl about. After, the students went out to lunch at Sauce on the Creek in Avon with their classmates. There they used their best manners while dining, all without Mom or Dad there to remind them to put their napkin on their lap or pull out a chair for the girls. Chivalrous acts abounded during the impressive affair. The teachers extended congratulations and many thanks to Meiring for his hard work with the students.

Reflections and Highlights

When asked about what the highlight of cotillion was and what they thought was important about the class, the students answered with wonderful reflections on the experience.

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“It is important because we get to learn new dances and it will help us throughout our life,” Sam Casey said.

“What I most loved about cotillion is that we learned how to use proper manners and how to treat other kids, and other people,” Elizabeth Filiault said.

“I liked cotillion because we were able to have lunch at Sauce,” said Malia Leahy.

“I love that we got to hang out with friends and still learn proper manners, and the dances were pretty fun to learn, too,” Maizy Leto said.

“It was super fun and you learn so much about how to live your life better,” said Kylie Kirkham.

There were many testimonials from students, faculty and parents praising the program. Kudos to Colin Meiring for leading the way and teaching the important art of etiquette.

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