High Altitude Society: The Cycle Effect fundraiser supports local girls through mountain biking

Betty Ann Woodland
High Altitude Society
Coach Fafay Grespan-Vial, Development Associate Sophia Granfrancisco, and Coach Molly Gamble celebrated The Cycle Effect at their fundraiser at Larkspur Restaurant in Vail.
Betty Ann Woodland | Special to the Daily

Larkspur Restaurant in Vail was full of supporters of The Cycle Effect on June 27. The Cycle Effect is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower young women to achieve brighter futures and build stronger communities through mountain biking. It focuses on three primary goal areas including physical fitness, community impact and mentorship. Young women engage in after-school and summer programming that teaches life skills such as goal-setting overcoming obstacles, stress management, healthy decision-making, fitness and nutrition. The lessons they learn transfer to their everyday lives outside of the program.

The fundraiser was hosted by Susan and Gary Rosenbach, Susan and Harry Frampton, Sue and Erik Dorf, and Dan and Cherry Gallagher. The base of Vail Mountain at Golden Peak was lush and green with piles of snow still remaining from this winter’s snowfall. There was a record turnout of guests gathered together who believe in The Cycle Effect’s important work.

Highlights of The Cycle Effect Experience

When asked what the highlights of being part of The Cycle Effect team were, participants had lots to share:

“I definitely like the downhill after going up for a long time just because of the satisfaction that you get from working so hard and putting all of your effort into something. Sometimes I am scared but, I like doing it,” Luisa said.

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“I like having a second family with the girls and the bond that we have together. I like the little trips we all have, including Moab. Learning leadership is important and knowing how to be a strong, independent woman at college will be very important for me,” Anamaria said.

“I like events like this and getting to know more people and definitely meeting the new girls around the valley and talking to parents that have never heard about us and letting them know that The Cycle Effect is open to their daughters,” Dariana said.

Emcee and Cycle Effect dad Erik Williams asked the young women to sum up The Cycle Effect in one word and got responses including: inspiring, encouraging, amazing, interactive and helpful.

Executive Director Brett Donelson thanked the hosts, staff, coaches and volunteers. He shared his passion for the program.

“It’s not just about the racing or the academic success we are having. One hundred percent of graduates have successfully completed high school and gone to college. It is about giving these girls a positive and safe place to express themselves,” Donelson said.

For more information on getting involved, visit, call 970-306-7572 or email vflynn@

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