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Hovey & Harrison opening in Edwards, offering meal subscriptions

The Hovey & Harrison bakery/cafe/market will open in the Edwards Corner on June 16.
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Tori Elliott’s life hasn’t been the same since the Hoot Hoot Kitchen went on hiatus a while back.

More than simply a convenience, the meal subscription service helped her family stay healthy and freed up a lot of her time to handle the many other responsibilities that come with being a mom.

“I was bummed when I heard (the Hoot Hoot Kitchen) was going away,” she said. “But I was told it would be coming back soon and would be even better. I can’t wait.”

Molly Harrison ran the Hoot Hoot Kitchen, using locally sourced ingredients from her friend Gretchen Hovey, who was traveling around to different farms in Colorado looking for the best products. In June, the pair will open a new kitchen in Edwards. After thinking over dozens of names, they have decided to call it Hovey & Harrison.

“We believe in it so much that we’re putting our names on it,” Hovey said. “We’ve worked so hard to find the best ingredients and put this food together that we’re super proud of, so by calling it Hovey & Harrison it’s like we’re putting our seal of approval on it.”

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The kitchen will operate out of a storefront in the Edwards Corner, where there will be a coffee shop atmosphere to go with a walk-up market and bakery.

“Basically we’re taking several businesses that we’ve established throughout the years and putting them under one roof,” Hovey said. “The bakery will have European grain, sourdough cultured breads, and other treats and pastries. The market will be everything from organic produce from small farms in Colorado to grab-and-go, pre-made food items which you would want for a picnic or family dinner. And if you want, you’ll be able to eat a meal there in the cafe and enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee with it.”


Toward the end of the summer, Hovey and Harrison plan on starting up generation two of Harrison’s meal subscription service. Herself a working mother, Harrison says the meal subscriptions will be designed for local families to be able to pop a meal in the oven and not worry about the rest of the details of feeding the family. She said for families like hers and so many of her friends, if you’re actually making it in Eagle County — feeding a family and paying your bills — then you’re probably working a lot, and planning and organizing meal time can be a big challenge.

“It’s really hard, and it’s a sacrifice,” Harrison said. “Do we want to stay home all day Sunday and plan out meals for the week, or do we want to be on the mountain with our families, which is why we actually live here?”

That was a choice Elliott often grappled with, and in finding ready meals for the family, the price was often high and the ingredients didn’t necessarily make her feel good about that choice.

“That’s why I’m really excited for Hovey & Harrison,” Elliott said. “You trust it, I know that it’s coming from a good place, the ingredients are good, and I don’t have to think about it.”

A side benefit of the business for Hovey and Harrison is the fact that they plan on being their own best customers. They will feed their families using ingredients from the market, bread from the bakery, and two of the meal subscription service packages will go out to their own families every day.

That will lend one more element to the trust factor of Hovey & Harrison, says the pair.

“We’re making the food that we want to eat,” Hovey said. “When you walk into Hovey & Harrison, on display for you to purchase will be the same produce that we are using in the kitchen.”


Hovey and Harrison say they have already received an abundance of community support, evidenced by the fact that their Kickstarter campaign reached its goal with nearly a month remaining in the fundraising cycle. You can still donate; the meal subscription offers are already sold out, but for $300 you can get unlimited drip coffee for a year. Visit it at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1579894835/hovey -and-harrison-market-cafe-bakery-edwards-co/description.

Hovey and Harrison plan on opening the shop the weekend of June 16. Visit their website at http://hoveyandharrison.com/.

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