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I spent a night with ghost hunters in a Colorado gold mine and lived to tell this tale

Co-founder of XX Paranormal Communications: “We’re like journalists of the dead”

ELIZABETH HERNANDEZ | ehernandez@denverpost.com | The Denver Post
XX Paranormal Communications co-director Julia Allie, right, walks with the all-female paranormal investigation team deep in the Country Boy Mine near Breckenridge as they attempt to connect with the spirit world Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019.
Michael Ciaglo, Special to the Denver Post

Darkness swallowed me the deeper I crept inside a former Breckenridge gold mine, but my other senses heightened. Water droplets slipping from ore-bearing rock above plunked on my hard hat. Mice skittered across a bygone minecart track below my feet.

Members of a ghost-hunting team surrounded me, cranking up a tool that swept across the AM/FM radio dials, searching for paranormal voices among the frequencies.

As the ghost hunters peppered potential spirits in the mine with inquiries one late September night, a voice rose above the radio static, coating my skin in goosebumps: “I’ll ask the questions.”

Dear reader, while that may seem like the retort of an irritable journalist, I can assure you the firm, feminine voice I captured on a crummy phone audio recording was not my own.

It would not be the only thing I couldn’t explain during my night tagging along with XX Paranormal Communications, an all-female paranormal research team in Colorado. But it would be the moment I most eagerly recounted to friends, colleagues and my mom, who wondered whether I had survived my night in a mountain mine chasing ghosts.

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