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‘Icing,’ social-distancing style: Neighbors ‘Icing’ each other with RC cars, skis, kayaks & more

'It’s really just trying to share some of the smiles and laughs through a pretty difficult time'

Local hockey teammates, neighbors and friends MacKenzie Hanna and Carly Finke are "Icing" each other, social-distancing style.
MacKenzie Hanna | Special to the Daily

Members of the local Vail Breakaways hockey team are staying home, but they aren’t safe from MacKenzie Hanna, “game-master” of their ongoing “Icing” challenge.

“Icing,” or “getting Iced,” happens when someone unsuspectingly sees a Smirnoff Ice and has to drink it, usually from one knee.

“We’ll hide it in each other’s bags, we like to surprise each other,” Hanna said. “It’s definitely a term of endearment, like we love you — definitely more love than anything.”

Teammate — and neighbor — Carly Finke has been feeling the love a lot lately as the Minturn residents continue their quarantines.

“We aren’t necessarily encouraging drinking, but we’ve been playing this game for a while with our hockey team and have tried to carry it on during times of social distancing,” Finke said in an Instagram message. “Mac is game-master and has come up with some truly creative ways to ‘get’ me from a safe distance. In times like this, it’s important to keep positive and hold on to the simple things, like neighborly love and support.”

MacKenzie Hanna has been attaching a GoPro to her “Icings” of her neighbor Carly Finke to capture her “silly smile.”
MacKenzie Hanna | Special to the Daily

Sharing smiles

All Icings come with a cleaning wipe attached to prevent the spread of their germs to one another, and they all come safely distanced.

The first one Hanna “got” Finke with was with her lightbulb extender — since she lives in a house with tall ceilings, she had one.

“I was basically like ‘I wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot pole,’” Hanna said.

Then she strapped a koozie to an old KT ski binding and “slid it down the sidewalk to her place,” GoPro attached to “capture her silly smile.”

“Let’s see, what else did we do? We did a kayak,” Hanna said. “I got in a kayak and put on a PFD and helmet, and put the GoPro on my helmet. My fiancé pushed me across because I couldn’t actually paddle.”

She’s also used a little RC car to deliver.

“That one is definitely my favorite because of how cute the little RC car was,” Hanna said.

Digging through her house, Hanna is staying creative.

“I got her with going fishing. I put one at the end of a fishing pole line and put some waders on — just trying to have fun with it,” she said.

MacKenzie Hanna, left, and Carly Finke say they aren’t encouraging drinking, rather enjoying the little things, like neighborly love and support.
Special to the Daily

The social-distancing Icings started with Hanna, but now even she is subject to getting Iced. She said other teammates have gotten her by using a hockey stick and throwing snowballs at her door to get her to open. She also credits Finke with getting creative, too.

“I’ve got another 6-pack, so she’s in for another six days of it, that’s for sure,” Hanna said.

The friends are sharing their Icings on their Instagram accounts, almost daily.

MacKenzie Hanna is finding all sorts of ways to “Ice” her neighbor, teammate and friend Carly Finke.
MacKenzie Hanna | Special to the Daily

“Honestly, it’s really just trying to share some of the smiles and laughs through a pretty difficult time,” Hanna said. “People call me Happy Mac for a reason, so I’m just trying to keep up with that while times are tough.”

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