If you’re a fan of medidation apps, now you can get zen with a Vail instructor on InsightTimer | VailDaily.com

If you’re a fan of medidation apps, now you can get zen with a Vail instructor on InsightTimer

Karen Anderson is the yoga director at the Vail Athletic Club and has been teaching in the valley for more than 20 years.
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As the holidays approach and days grow shorter, meditation can be a great way to maintain balance and uplift the spirit. On Thursday, Karen Anderson, yoga director at the Vail Athletic Club, will release a meditation course called “An Undefended Heart” on the Insight Timer app. The free app boasts more than 10.8 million meditators.

“It’s been a labor of love and I’m so excited,” Anderson said.

“Winter is a great time to engage in heart practices. As we approach and begin the new year, we can turn inward and remind ourselves of what we truly value like kindness, compassion and joy. And it helps to cultivate equanimity (emotional balance) when things get hectic.”

The app meditation is a 30-day course, and each day consists of a 15-minute meditation practice that begins with a 5-minute talk followed by a 10-minute meditation.

“Most of us wait for conditions to bring about enjoyable emotions such as love or peace,” Anderson said. “But wisdom traditions teach that we can practice cultivating these states, which they explain are our true nature but get obscured by fear and confusion.”

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The meditations comprise a range of such “heart practices,” drawn from various traditions to comprehensively promote positive emotional states. These pro-social attitudes — called the “abode of the gods” — include loving, kindness founded on forgiveness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

Anderson has been teaching in the Vail Valley for 20 years.

Her meditation training is primarily in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and she’s certified to teach meditation in the Southeast Asian Buddhist tradition. She has completed 11, 30-day silent meditation retreats.

To access the course, sign up for a free seven-day trial of paid content on InsightTimer. After the trial, a premium subscription is $5 a month or there’s an option to purchase the course directly. To learn more, visit insighttimer.com and search for “Karen Anderson” on or after Thursday.

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