Join a professional writer for a creative writing workshop |

Join a professional writer for a creative writing workshop

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Laura Newcomer is hosting a workshop to help you share the stories that want to be told and to grow your confidence as a writer. The workshop is designed to teach new skills to level up your memoir game.

For newbies and practicing memoir writers alike, professional writer and editor Laura Newcomer is hosting a 4-week memoir writing workshop series in which participants will:

Identify how to choose the stories you tell for maximum impact.

Practice proven guidelines for writing about tough topics in compelling and healthy ways.

Identify practical strategies for writing about real people without burning all your bridges.

Learn how to manage the self-consciousness that can crop up when writing about yourself.

Strengthen your confidence as a writer.

Each week, participants will practice writing creatively and break down a critical aspect of memoir writing.

Week One: The Memoir Mindset: What we’re writing about when we write about ourselves.

Week Two: Thoughtful Considerations: Writing about real people.

Week Three: Sharing tough stories without bleeding yourself dry.

Week Four: Putting yourself out there and peer workshop.

Research finds creative writing can help you:

Clarify your thoughts and feelings.

Build self-confidence.

Manage stress and anxiety.

Cultivate mindfulness.

The workshop will take place on Thursday from March 20 to April 18 at Zealous Schools in Eagle. Registration is $120 (scholarships are available). Visit or email to register.

Newcomer and participants will embrace these benefits together in a laid-back and judgment-free environment.

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