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Katch of the Day in Eagle closing to make room for new tenant

Katch of the Day, a wine and cheese bar in downtown Eagle, is having a 40-60% off everything-must-go sale this weekend before shutting its doors Dec. 15

Katch of the Day was created by the building owners to attract new tenants to the space.
Katch of the Day/Courtesy Photo

Katch of the Day, a wine bar that also serves cheese plates and sweets in downtown Eagle, is closing its doors this week to make room for a new restaurant in 2022.

Kat Conner, the owner of Katch of the Day, is also the owner of the property, and she said that attracting a new tenant to the space was the reason that she opened Katch in the first place.

“My husband and I bought the building four years ago,” Conner said. “The building has three units, and instead of putting money into someone else’s business we created our own. So we created Katch to attract the type of business that we wanted to rent in our building.”

This demo restaurant was supposed to only be in place for a year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has remained in the space for over two years before finally attracting the type of tenant that Conner wanted to bring into the area.

“I didn’t want to just put it up for rent and have anybody rent it, we were pretty particular about who we wanted to rent it out to and what type of business,” Conner said. “We definitely wanted something that served food and drinks and was open at dinner time. That’s what we wanted, and now we found it.”

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The new restaurant that will be occupying the space will be a full-service restaurant with a bar, live music and extended hours. Construction on the new restaurant will begin in January 2022, and Conner hopes that it will be ready to open to the public this spring.

One that she knows for sure, having now owned and operated a restaurant in the space, is that the location will be an ideal environment for the new owners.

“This is a prime spot,” Conner said. “There are going to be so many more events and things happening on Broadway street. We have a lot of plans, and this is like right in the middle of the street. Whoever is in this spot will do amazing, but it really needed to be a restaurant. We just need more food downtown, so they’re going to kill it.”

This weekend, Katch of the Day is holding an “everything must go” sale, where they will be selling bottles of wine, wine accessories, houseware, furniture, fixings and more for 40-60% off. The sale will take place from 12-6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Katch of the Day is holding an “everything must go” sale, where they will be selling bottles of wine for 40-60% off.
Katch of the Day/Courtesy Photo

Wednesday, Dec. 15, will be the final day that Katch is open to the public, at which point it will close its doors permanently. For those who became attached to the wine tastings and social gatherings that Katch has become known for, there is no need to mourn the restaurant’s closing. Conner said that it is what she will miss the most, so she is planning to start doing pop-up wine tastings around the valley as an on-the-go Katch of the Day experience.

Conner and her husband will remain involved in the development of downtown Eagle, and continue to bring new businesses and experiences to the area to help their community thrive.


What: Everything-must-go, 40-60% off sale

Where: Katch of the Day at 228 Broadway in Eagle

When: Saturday and Sunday from noon-6 p.m.


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