Landscape Logic: Harvest your herbs now for use this winter |

Landscape Logic: Harvest your herbs now for use this winter

Neils Lunceford
Landscape Logic
Harvesting herbs now means a boost of flavor to your favorite dishes in the winter.
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If you’ve got an herb garden, you’ve probably been enjoying fresh herbs in your meals. But by now, you might be getting a little bored of them or simply have more than you can reasonably use. But with a little effort, you can manage your herb garden and boost the flavor in your meals for months to come. Try harvesting them for later use.

To dry herbs

Cut a bundle of stems.

Gently wash and dry them.

Tie them together (not too tightly—make sure air can flow through).

Hang them upside down to dry out of direct sunlight.

After a few weeks, they should be dry and ready to store in an airtight container.

To freeze herbs

Chop herbs.

Put them into ice cube trays with some water.

Once frozen, transfer the cubes to an airtight container.

When you need a little flavor in a soup or sauce, you can simply pop a cube or two into your recipe.

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