Landscape Logic: Here’s how to prepare your yard for winter |

Landscape Logic: Here’s how to prepare your yard for winter

Winterizing your landscaping now means a more successful bloom come spring.
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Even with the grass slowing down and temperatures cooling, it’s more important than ever to take care of your landscaping.

Giving your landscape a little TLC to keep it healthy as we head toward its winter hibernation can help ensure a beautiful garden next spring. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare for frosty temperatures in the coming weeks.

Apply a final application of fertilizer. Using the same fertilizer formulation you used earlier this season is fine. But if you need to buy more fertilizer, look for one high in nitrogen and potassium, which are good for healthy roots.

Core aerate the lawn before winterizing the sprinkler system. Aeration pulls plugs of soil and sod out of the lawn and these holes open the soil so that roots can take in maximum moisture during the winter.

Zap weeds. Here’s your last chance this year to get after weeds. Weeds you eliminate this fall are weeds you won’t see at the start of next season.

Get an expert to help if you have had fungus or other turf disease or insect problems this summer. Have problems properly diagnosed so you know what to do now and maybe into next spring to get things under control for good.

Adjust the sprinkler timer to water less. Daylight hours are growing shorter, overnight temps are getting cooler and day-time temps will become more moderate.

The combination of these three factors means your landscape will be needing less and less water as we move into fall. Don’t stop watering but do adjust watering frequency and length. Make changes according to the temperature — not by the date. Keep in mind that if you add any new plants this fall, those will be the exception as they are still becoming established.

For additional help, contact your landscape professional to help you get your landscape ready to be tucked in for winter.

If you have an irrigation system, schedule your winterization service now, before providers are booked.

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