Landscape Logic: Here’s how to tidy up your garden now that it’s closed |

Landscape Logic: Here’s how to tidy up your garden now that it’s closed

Neils Lunceford
Landscape Logic
Prepping your garden for next seasn even after you've closed it will ensure a good crop next year.
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Your garden is likely closed for the season. You’ve harvested all the best fruits and vegetables, and plants have gone to seed. If you haven’t already, it’s time to tidy up and put the garden to bed. Here’s a checklist for end-of-season gardening chores.

Leave some plants that provide winter food for birds and other wildlife, like sunflowers, echinacea and ornamental grasses.

Pick up all dead fruit and veggies from the ground.

When cleaning up garden debris, know which plants are good to pitch in the compost pile and which ones are not: Do compost leaves, grass clippings, straw, non-diseased plant debris and weeds if they have not gone to seed. Avoid composting any plants that are diseased. Large pumpkin and squash vines may take too long to decompose, so you may want to leave them out as well. Because tomato plants often carry diseases, some gardeners avoid composting them at all.

Finally, add mulch over the garden to maintain soil quality. Add straw, a fresh layer of compost or use grass clippings from the final lawn mowing.

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