Landscape Logic: Who finds food in your yard?

Becky Garber
Landscape Logic
Although many birds migrate to Colorado over the winters, it's still not an easy season for them to find food. Help them out by keeping bird feeders full.
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The growing season has ended and with it, much of the food supply for wildlife. Many kinds of birds migrate to Colorado during winter, including the mountains, but there are fewer plants, seeds and other food options for them to find outdoors.

Our yards can provide what they need.

Birds with access to feeders can have a much higher winter survival rate during prolonged cold winters, according to the Colorado State University Extension. Providing a habitat for them by offering food and water will help them survive and ensure your outdoor space is an interesting place to watch throughout the cold season.

How You Can Help

Feeders hung from trees or fences cater to birds that won’t forage on the ground. Yet, birds that feed on the ground will be able to feast on seeds that fall from the feeder. Both types of birds will benefit.

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Don’t forget water. Birdbaths need to be kept filled with water. If water in the birdbath freezes, make sure there is fresh water available in other containers.

Placing seeds and pumpkins along the fence will also appeal to squirrels. If they find your yard, you should be prepared for their raids on the bird feeder or the ground below. They, too, are hungry wildlife seeking a meal.

As development continues, our yards will become even more vital as habitats for wildlife. Who knows how many lives you will sustain just by filling up the bird feeder every time it gets empty?

Becky Garber is director of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, of which Neils Lunceford is a member. Neils Lunceford Inc. can be reached at 970-468-0340 and at

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