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Leah Bonnema headlines Vail Comedy Show

Two LA-based comedians take the stage at Bridge Street Bar this Thursday

Comedian Leah Bonnema headlines the Vail Comedy Show.
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The Vail Comedy Show returns this Thursday at Bridge Street Bar with two LA-based comedians: headliner Leah Bonnema and Mike Mulloy.

Raised in a small town in Maine, Bonnema launched her stand-up career in New York City, where she honed her sets nightly at clubs around the city. A rising star in comedy, Bonnema made her network television debut on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert in 2019, was a Huffington Post Favorite Female Comedian and has performed at leading comedy festivals around the world.

Bonnema has performed a virtual Vail Comedy Show before, but this will be her first time performing live for the show.

“She joined on the movie screen, and because of technical challenges she couldn’t hear or see the audience and she still killed,” said Mark Masters, founder of the Vail Comedy Show. “People were doubled over with laughter, so it is an incredibly special treat to have her in Vail Village as she tours the country perfecting material for an upcoming album recording.”

Bonnema’s style of comedy stems from her personal stories and experiences. Topics that she plans to touch on at this week’s show include her life as a new dog owner, surviving as a hypochondriac during the pandemic, and the general trials and tribulations of womanhood, among many others.

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“I do all real stuff,” Bonnema said. “I like to talk about the things that I’ve struggled with, or I’m embarrassed by, and I hope that it will resonate with people who think about the same things or struggle with the same things, and then it’s sort of like a release.”

In addition to stand-up comedy, Bonnema is the co-host of the podcast “Where You Raised by Wolves?,” where she and journalist Nick Leighton break down proper etiquette and polite social manners in everyday situations. With emerging social situations constantly begetting new questions about what it means to be a courteous member of society, the podcast has led to heated debates over topics such as: is it rude to use your phone light to read a menu at a restaurant?

While Nick provides the history and philosophy, Bonnema adds the humor and the humanity.

“I won’t necessarily say I’m the wolf, but I’m definitely a person that walks around with stains on my shirt, embarrassing myself,” Bonnema said. “For people like myself, who are anxious and overthink things, it ends up being more about that, and I think the humor comes from all the things that we sort of do wrong.”

Bonnema also uses her comedy to give back and advocate for causes that she is passionate about. She recently returned from trips to Honduras and Greenland, where she performed stand-up comedy for the American troops stationed there, and has volunteered her time with organizations like the Lady Parts Justice League.

“I think comedy works for talking about things that you find important, because sometimes people who don’t want to hear something may listen a little bit differently if they laugh at it,” Bonnema said.

LA-based comic Mike Mulloy will also take the stage this Thursday. Featured on the Los Angeles Faded Comedy show, Mulloy is also a regular on the popular podcast All Fantasy Everything, “a show where funny people and experts come together to fantasy draft pop culture, from music to movies to sandwiches, everything is in play.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at VailComedyShow.com starting at $25 a person.


What: Vail Comedy Show featuring Leah Bonnema

Where: Bridge Street Bar, Vail Village

When: Doors at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.

Price: $25 – $75

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