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Learn about ‘Inertia’ from local teacher Kim Cope Tait

Kim Cope Tait, a teacher at Vail Mountain School, worked with her students to transform her book “Inertia” into a play in which the students were the cast. Cope Tait will present her book at the Bookworm in Edwards on Tuesday.
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The community is invited to come together at The Bookworm of Edwards on Tuesday, Nov. 28, supporting the book “Inertia” that was transformed into the Vail Mountain School fall play. At the event, meet local teacher and author Kim Cope Tait, hear from the theater director Greg Jones and experience a sample scene from the actors.

“‘Inertia’ is a magical work with a life of its own,” Cope Tait said. “Without too much effort on my part, it is making its way into the world. The beauty of the book ‘Inertia’ was born from sonnets that started a journey to acceptance.”

Cope Tait said when she was 18 years old, she experienced devastating loss.

“I think I was edging my way around truly dealing with it for 20 years,” she said. “I wrote a crown of sonnets that gave me a distance. Then I wrote the play giving myself less distance. Finally writing it as a novel I was completely honest and spoke through my characters.”

“It is an intimidating thing to share your language with someone.”Kim Cope TaitAuthor


“Inertia” is written as a work of adult fiction but transcends ages.

“The five principal characters start as teenagers in the play,” Cope Tait said. “The leads go through multiple decades. We see how that 18-year-old perspective, when he experienced a life changing event, speaks throughout his life.”

Working with her own students, Cope Tait said that she will be forever connected to the actors.

“It is an intimidating thing to share your language with someone,” she said. “It is special to have someone memorize your words and go through the energy to reflect characters in a meaningful way. It has been a beautiful thing and I am deeply honored by it. I’m here to encourage and be stoked on what they are doing.”

Director Jones said the fall show was actually chosen by the students.

“Because the kids were close to Kim, they really wanted to do it and we really liked the book,” Jones said. “Once we saw the adapted manuscript, the kids chose the play.”


Jones, who has been in theater for 25 years, says this is the first play at the school where they have worked with the playwright.

“With the playwright there, I still tried to tell the story from my point of view,” Jones said. “Since these characters are based on people she knows, I was concerned kids would do imitations of the people. It was important to tell from my point of view after reading the story.”

Daniel Tierney, one of the five lead actors, has been on the stage since sixth grade but says this play has brought something new to him.

“It was definitely quite an experience, to delve into Ms. Cope Tait’s mind to fully embody my character,” Tierney said.

Katie Alonzo, another lead actor, agrees with Tierney’s experience of working with teacher Cope Tait. For Alonza, it’s the biggest role she has had in the theater.

“This is the play I would want this big of a role,” Alonzo said. “I have put my all into figuring out who my character is. It’s been a great experience.”

Joining the Tierney and Alonzo on stage are two supporting actors, Sophia Insonoff and Scott Hantz. Both students have also been acting since middle school and are honored to be a part of “Inertia.”

“We love the play,” Insonoff said. “Going on a school trip to the places in the book allow us to connect to the story.”

Hantz said Cope Tait has had a positive influence on the Vail Mountain School community.

“We all know her and wanted to be a part of the play,” he said.

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