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Learn about military history in the Rockies at Bookworm of Edwards

Louise Borden, author of "Ski Soldier."
Special to the Daily

Readers of all ages can go behind the lines of the 10th Mountain Division in Louise Borden’s new book, “Ski Soldier,” which also serves as a biography of Pete Seibert. Borden showcases the exemplary lives of the division soldiers through the lens of Seibert’s life from a young skier on the East Coast, to an injured war veteran to the founder of Vail.

Borden will speak on her book and her experiences reading it at The Bookworm of Edwards on Thursday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m. The event will cost $10, which will include appetizers.

She had been working on a different book, but when she visited Colorado, Borden learned about the 10th and left inspired.

“I switched gears and decided to write about the 10th at Camp Hale and in Italy,” Borden said. “When I ran across (Seibert’s) autobiography and read about his New England roots and founding Vail, I said to myself, ‘Bingo — that’s it. There’s my ordinary kid who later serves in the 10th. I can tell the story of the 10th Mountain Division through the life of this one remarkable person.’”

As a historian and with more than thirty books, Borden has always been fascinated with World War II.

“All of my books come from my interest in portraying ordinary people who have resolve and courage in wartime situations,” Borden said. “Pete Seibert was no different. He’s one of my heroes.”

Over many years, Borden dove into the research by traveling to the Rockies and Italy to see first hand where the soldiers trained, lived, fought and died.

Pieced together with primary sources, the text is written in broken lines, allowing readers to focus on the details that matter and making it accessible for all ages.

Borden believes that learning about the 10th Mountain Division is as important today as it was when the first troops began fighting in Europe.

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