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Learn about MountainFit at The Bookworm of Edwards on Feb. 15

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On Thursday, Feb. 15, The Bookworm of Edwards hosts certified trainer Lexi Mossman, of MountainFit. Mossman and MountainFit focus on four main services: injury prevention, recovery, injury evaluation and treatment.
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What: Staying MountainFit with Lexi Mossman.

When: Thursday, Feb. 15, 6 p.m.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $40, comes with a copy of “Telomere Effect” and snacks.

More information: Call 970-926-READ or visit http://www.bookwormofedwards.com.

Every season, the Rocky Mountains urge you to get outside — don’t miss out due to a preventable injury.

Lexi Mossman, of MountainFit, will present at The Bookworm of Edwards on Thursday, Feb. 15, about injury prevention and treatment. As a certified athletic trainer, Mossman created MountainFit in 2015 to help locals and tourists in the valley. At her Bookworm workshop, she is bringing her expertise and recovery equipment to work on after-the-mountain recovery. A yoga mat or blanket is recommended.

Hailing from the University of Michigan, Mossman has been working with athletes to recover, strengthen and get the most out of their workouts. A few years ago, Mossman disrupted her industry with her company MountainFit.

“As a certified athletic trainer, we work strictly with athletic teams. I am the first to treat the general public,” Mossman said. “Unlike physical therapists who see someone after an injury, I work with athletes anytime in their career.”

Active Community

MountainFit focuses on four main services: injury prevention, recovery, injury evaluation and treatment.

“I really believe that decreasing recovery time can decrease the risk of injury. Injury prevention is important living in this area, as a community that is active 365 days of the year,” Mossman said.

The workshop focuses on muscle lengthening and compression, for optimal recovery and health — two activities that everyone should do after a long day on the mountain.

“As athletes, our muscles get tight and we need to lengthen them to create long lean muscles,” Mossman said. “Compression will help get oxygenated blood to your muscles to help with soreness.”

The workshop allows customers to work with Mossman on exercises and stretches while also trying NormaTec Pulse System Recovery Pants and a Theragun.

“The Theragun uses vibration therapy to help your muscles recover and activate,” Mossman said.

As someone who has been working with athletes for years, she says a major problem that is seen across the Vail Valley is glute activation.

“We are a quad-dominate society from skiing to hiking and biking,” Mossman said. “People tend to not fire their glutes as much as they need to protect their bodies.”

The event ticket includes the book “Telomere Effect” by the 2009 Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine, Elizabeth Blackburn.

“The biggest take away from the book is that if you change your life, you can change your genes,” Mossman said. “It doesn’t matter what runs in your family, you can work your body and mind to change your life.”

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