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Learn how to create the perfect home library at this Bookworm event

Books not only have the capacity to entertain and enlighten, but to make a house a home. They can complete a room and tell not only the stories contained in their pages, but the story of the people who reside within the walls.

Thatcher Wine, a Minturn/Boulder resident who is a professional home library curator, will present at the Bookworm of Edwards Thursday. Wine will discuss his new book, “For the Love of Books,” and give some inspiration for creating a beautiful library that feels like home.

“For the Love of Books” hopes to provide readers with the tools they need to curate their perfect home library.
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Wine has always loved books. He spent his childhood days reading, collecting and arranging his books on his bedroom bookshelves. But he never planned on turning that passion into a business.

“It happened gradually after a career in the tech industry,” Wine said. “I started selling books online in 2001. At the beginning it was all about rare books and first editions, selling them one at a time.”

That all changed after he curated his first custom library for a family friend.

“They asked if I could curate a collection of 3,000 books for their new beach house,” he said. “Their designer loved the library I assembled and started referring more clients to me.”

Curating libraries took this part-time hobby of selling books into a full-time business. In order to continue his passion, he founded a unique type of book store—Juniper Books—which not only curates libraries for clients, but also designs and prints custom book jacket collections, several of which have been on display at the Bookworm for the last month.

“Juniper trees live for 500 to 1000 years,” Wine said. “Printed books have been around for 500 years and we hope that we can play a role in ensuring that they are around for another 500 years.”

Thatcher Wine worked in the tech industry before transitioning to library-curating and book-selling full-time.
Special to the Daily

Eighteen years and a million books sold later, Wine is still staying true to the goal of creating a library for each client that reflects the home and the people that live in it.

“It’s a very personal balance for each client. Most of the books we sell are for reading, not collecting for value, but they also look beautiful on the shelves when they are not being read. The great thing about all books is that there are infinite ways to combine them on your shelves to reflect who you are and what you love,” he said.

Ultimately, the people are what make certain titles belong in the home.

“A home library is a reflection of who we are. There are no requirements for what it can or should be,” Wine said. “If we bring some intention and mindfulness to our bookshelves, we can change our bookshelves and potentially ourselves.”

If you go …

What: Thatcher Wine at the Bookworm of Edwards

When: Thursday, Nov. 7, 6 p.m.

Where: Bookworm of Edwards, 295 Main St. C101, Riverwalk in Edwards

Cost: $10, includes appetizers

More information: Call 970-926-7323 or visit

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