Lifeboardz hold memories, make great gifts |

Lifeboardz hold memories, make great gifts

Nate Day
Lifeboardz are completely customizable, and can be themed for engagements, concerts, maternity shoots and more.
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What better way to preserve your memories than to seal them in resin and hang them on the wall?

That’s exactly what Lifeboardz does. Owned, operated and created by local entrepreneur and artist Dina Cadavid, Lifeboardz offers people the opportunity to create a unique piece of art featuring art, photos and more.

Simply put, a lifeboard is a custom collage of photos on a 3-D display. Cadavid carefully arranges photos like a puzzle on a wood board before gluing them down, some on risen platforms, others directly on the board. Finally, the photos are sealed in resin, which takes about 24 hours to dry, and shipped off.

Completely customizable

Each board is completely customizable, and the options are virtually limitless. Physical objects such as a wedding invitation or a pet’s collar can be sealed in, boards can be painted to match wedding colors or the room it will hang in and they can be crafted for any occasion.

Boards have been made for a variety of occasions such as weddings, real estate gifts, memorials and more.

Cadavid, a long-time artist discovered resin art over 10 years ago and begin experimenting with it, sealing pictures and scrapbook materials, which eventually led to making collages. They began as simple collages on flat wood boards, and has since evolved into 3-D, often themed, art pieces. One of her earlier Lifeboardz featured pictures of a family’s ranch and horses, cementing the images and memories for the owners.

However, if a customer would prefer a customization that isn’t listed up front on the website, shoot an email to, and Cadavid will accommodate your requests.

Boards take between two and four weeks and prices range from $125 to $1,100.

Order forms and a complete listing of offerings can be found at

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