Listen to the Vail Daily's quarantine playlist on Spotify |

Listen to the Vail Daily’s quarantine playlist on Spotify

Listen, at the end of the year, you want your Spotify Wrapped 2020 to be the best, most non-embarrassing thing ever, right? You don’t want your whole social network to know that you listened to hours upon hours of embarrassing stuff like the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, late 2000s pop-punk or those Top 40 hits that your kids like?

Today that ends. I will confess that I’ve listened to a concerning amount of blink-182, Paramore and Good Charlotte during my quarantine, but no longer should you have to subject yourself to the darker corners of your music taste.

Vail Daily editors have selected some of their favorite songs to listen to in quarantine. Play this in order: I spent a lot of time checking the flow of the tracks, plus the Spotify shuffle algorithm sucks. Feel free to skip, though.

As for the songs we chose, we looked for classics, both new and old, and nothing too obscure. Thanks for listening.

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