Live your best snow life in Gravity Haus’ snow cabanas

By Katie Coakley
Special to the Daily

Several elements that make up the perfect day on the slopes: freshly fallen snow; people with which to enjoy it (or not); the right temperatures and a place to gather and relax after a full day or a few runs. Luckily, the COVID-19 pandemic can’t impact all of these elements, but it does put a damper on the last one. Since on-mountain restaurants and base area bars are limited in capacity, family and friend groups are limited in where and how they can congregate. However, there’s a new option at the base of Golden Peak.

Perhaps you’ve seen them: a group of four igloo-shaped cabanas nestled between Larkspur’s patio and the snow leading to the Riva Bahn Express. These 16-foot, six-person (eight can fit in a pinch) structures hold all the comforts of home: comfortable couches and Skandi design elements, a Bluetooth speaker and plenty of charging cords for all of the devices. Though the outside of half the dome is black (for a touch of privacy), the rear of the cabana is clear, allowing the sunlight to filter in and framing the views of the slopes.

Snow Cabanas provide an opportunity for folks to gather after a day on the slopes, or to filter in and out as they please; the door on each locks.
Special to the Daily

But these cabanas also include perks that are better than home: dedicated waitstaff from Larkspur to deliver nourishment and beverages on request and a location that could not be closer to the slopes. The cabanas lock so that groups can come and go as they please; there’s even Wi-Fi.

The snow cabanas were erected about a month ago and are managed by Gravity Haus, the new lodging destination at the east end of Vail Village. Though Gravity Haus does have several membership levels and members enjoy a reduced rental rate, the cabanas can be rented by anyone who wants a cozy living room to work, relax or dine in.

Claire McManus, senior vice president of experiences and events at Gravity Haus, said that both Gravity Haus members and the general public have been reserving the cabanas – it’s been a 50/50 split. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; several people have returned time and again.

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“There’s one individual…he has booked I think nine times think now,” McManus explained. “He’s using it for client entertainment and to bring friends who are from out of town so it has been kind of fun to see his reaction to them.”

Gravity Haus Breckenridge also offers snow cabanas but it’s a different scene – the cabanas there are located outside of the Cabin Juice restaurant at the base of Peak 9 and are utilized primarily for dining spaces as an extension of the restaurant. The livable snow globes in Vail are unique.

McManus said the Vail snow cabanas will remain at the Golden Peak base area until April 4, 2021. Then, the team at Gravity Haus is planning on taking the idea and tweaking it for the spring and summer seasons.

“We’re going to take this idea and apply it to this new idea that we’re calling Gravity Haus Pop Up Camps across different locations for the rest of the year,” McManus explained. “So we’re going to take cabanas and (install them) in Moab for April to June and then we’re going to move them to the Gunnison Valley from July to September. And instead of doing them as restaurant extensions, they’re going to be destination camping opportunities for Gravity Haus members to book.”

Don’t expect cushy couches in these cabanas. McManus said the interior will be more camping-focused, outfitted with the essentials for a spring or summer camping trip. It’s a clever twist to continue the cabana idea; having guaranteed campsites at these popular destinations is sure to sweeten the deal for members.

But since summer is still a ways away, take advantage of the white stuff and elevate your day on the slopes in a Gravity Haus snow cabana. It’s one of the few ways to make a perfect day even more perfect.

If you go …

Reservations for the Gravity Haus Vail Snow Cabanas include full-day rentals from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., with the option to come and go as you please. The snow cabanas are served by the Larkspur restaurant and food and beverages are available from the Larkspur menu. The fee to rent a cabana is $250 per day for midweek, non-holiday days; $500 per day for weekend non-holiday days and $750 for holidays. Gravity Haus members receive 50% off the reservation fee. To reserve a snow cabana, visit

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