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Local band 99 Brown Dogs releases new single

‘Boots on Ramble’ was recorded at Mintown Studios in Minturn

99 Brown Dogs consists of a number of popular Vail Valley musicians.
Brendan McKinney/Courtesy photo

Eagle singer-songwriter and performer Brendan McKinney has just released a new original single, “Boots on Ramble,” with his band the 99 Brown Dogs.

This installment of the 99 Brown Dogs consists of Vail Valley musicians: Mark Levy on drums, Jeff Armistead on keyboards, Johnny Schlepper on electric guitar and background vocals, and Joe Bianchi on bass. McKinney plays guitar and sings lead.

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve done a lot of original recordings with Joe Bianchi down at Mintown Studios in Minturn,” McKinney said. “Joe is a talented player and very effective collaborator .. whether the song is at a pre-production stage or a full-on band production stage like this, our work together is the common thread.”

McKinney has had success with his original band recordings over the years, with placements in film (“Lean on Pete”) and TV (“Shameless,” “Justified” and “United States of Tara,” to name a few) as well as with publishing in Nashville and Los Angeles.

The band’s latest single, “Boots on Ramble,” represents an evolution of a song Schlepper and Levy initially worked on with McKinney during his “Six Guns of Production” project last year.

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Videographer Hope de la Rosa filmed a full session of McKinney and the band recording the song from start to finish.

“I re-booted it from scratch, and we all recorded it live together as a band at Mintown Studios,” McKinney said. “The single is off and running, and (la Rosa’s) videography skills make it pretty special.”

The recording of the band’s new single, “Boots on Ramble,” is available on YouTube now. Find it under the title, “Brendan McKinney ‘Boots On Ramble’ filmed live at Mintown Studios.”

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