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Local offering fire poi performances outside homes across the valley

'I’m not busy right now, it’s fun for me, it’s fun for other people — I just thought it would be a fun idea'

Minturn resident Jon Resnick is putting his fire poi to use, offering performances outside of homes across the valley while people stay home.
Jon Resnick | Special to the Daily

Contact Resnick

To contact Jon Resnick about fire poi performances, message him from the Eagle County Classifieds Facebook post, on Instagram @JResnick215 or email JResnick215@gmail.com.

“Fellow Vailiens! How bored are you at night? Have your kids watched ‘Frozen’ way too many times already? Have you already seen every Grateful Dead stream?” Minturn resident Jon Resnick posted in the local Eagle County Classifieds Facebook group over the weekend. “I may not have work, but I do have fire poi!”

The local photographer, backcountry guide, volunteer and on-mountain guide — like many others across the county and country — is out of work “for the foreseeable future,” he said.

A couple of nights a week, he’s offering his fire poi services outside of people’s homes up and down the valley. Performances are about 10 minutes, one to two songs (you can pick the tunes, too).

“I’m just telling everyone who requests to pay what they think is appropriate for them,” he said. “I know a lot of other people who don’t have work right now and people might not be able to pay much.”

Resnick says he’s hoping to get a little money for food, but it’s more about brightening people’s days — or nights, rather.

“It’s just something silly that will hopefully make some people happy and it’s fun for me to do,” he said.

Jon Resnick is performing with his fire poi a couple of nights during the week as a way to spread smiles and make a little money while he’s out of work.
Jon Resnick | Special to the Daily

Amanda Causey booked Resnick to help celebrate her neighbor’s birthday. They were supposed to go skiing to celebrate, “but that obviously couldn’t happen,” she said. Causey lives in a culdesac, so Resnick performed for multiple families from the comfort of their porches. The birthday girl’s song requests were “White Wedding” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

“It was so different,” Causey said. “We’ve been stuck in the house for over a week. We just needed something completely different and special. I hope it made her birthday special. It gave us something to do that night, that we could do.”

While the neighbors enjoyed the performance together, they were able to stay safely apart.

“It was something we kind of did together, but not,” Causey said. “The kids loved it, and it was outside so we didn’t have to sit and watch a screen to see it.”

‘A fun idea’

To book a performance from Jon Resnick, contact him on Instagram, on his Facebook post in Eagle County Classifieds or email JResnick215@gmail.com.
Jon Resnick | Special to the Daily

Resnick, an adventurer himself, spent some time working with a kids adventure program in Hong Kong, taking kids rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling and other outdoor excursions. Two of his co-guides knew fire poi.

“I tried it and just thought it was super fun,” he said, adding the first night he tried it he ended up attempting it with them on fire.

He said he never got too into fire poi but would ask to borrow them if friends had them. After a Red Rocks show, he was borrowing some and decided he would make the purchase for his own. While he hadn’t used them too frequently since purchasing them, he said he busted them out on camping trips before.

“Let’s see if there’s a time to surprise people and bust them out,” he said. “And then with all this going on, I just thought of it. I have the fire poi. I’m sure there are so many people bored at home right now. It’s a safe thing to do. I can be away from people and entertain people for 10 minutes or something.”

“I’m not busy right now. It’s fun for me. It’s fun for other people. I just thought it would be a fun idea,” he said.

To contact Resnick, message him from the Eagle County Classifieds Facebook post, on Instagram @JResnick215 or email JResnick215@gmail.com.

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