cKaceeGo Wellness & Beauty opens in Edwards Riverwalk |

Longtime local beautician’s new Edwards Riverwalk salon cultivates health and beauty from within

cKaceeGo Beauty & Wellness focuses on holistic health first

The old adage goes, “beauty comes from within,” and local beauty guru Kacee Cox Picot is now using science to enhance it.

With 25 years as a Vail Valley hairdresser, makeup artist and wedding stylist, in mid-August Picot opened a new salon and med spa space in the Edwards Riverwalk, cKaceeGo Beauty & Wellness. Located on the backside of the complex, facing the river, Picot is now able to offer much more than a cut and color. She is excited to use her new digs to help every client feel as beautiful on the outside as she knows they are on the inside.

“It’s getting your body and your spirit healthy from the inside, so what comes out is because you’re healthy. It’s not so superficially focused. It’s eating right, drinking plenty of water, sleeping, getting rest,” she said. “It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin.”

Kacee Cox Picot poses outside of her new space, on the backside of Edwards riverwalk facing the creek.
Ivette Rosales | Special to the Daily

Medical spas have gained popularity in recent years, as they combine the peace and relaxation from a spa treatment with the precision and expertise of a medical treatment.

Picot is not a doctor, but she is certified in the treatments she offers. Her philosophy uses principles of science and health to enhance outward appearances.

To keep clients safe, she mentions that she had coronavirus in March and has the antibodies. Guests should wear masks throughout the duration of their treatment.

New at her spa is the CryoOne fat freezing technology. Cryotherapy, sometimes known by the brand name CoolSculpting, freezes fat molecules, effectively killing them. Picot said the company promises a 1-inch loss at the waist, and those are documented in before-and-after pictures. But, she said, all bodies react differently to the procedures, and it’s on each customer to maintain their progress by leading a healthy lifestyle: eating whole foods, drinking water and exercising.

“In my intake form, I ask a lot of health questions,” she said. “And then, what’s your part in this? What are you agreeing to do differently than you’re doing now? Because if you were doing it now, you wouldn’t be here. What’s your plan to make this more successful? It’s expensive, you have to participate.”

In addition to holistic, science-based health and wellness services, cKaceeGo will still offer cut, color and makeup sessions.
Ivette Rosales | Special to the Daily

She’s also working with Ivette Rosales, a paramedic and medical esthetician, Vail Police Department officer and co-owner for the Texas-based company iV Bars. She and a team of local medics and nurses administer IV drip therapy under the license and protocols of Dr. Carrie Carda, MD OB/GYN, who is a member of the America Academy of Stem Cell Physicians with a specialty in injections and site-specific needs. 

The idea behind IV drip therapy for beauty is to balance the nutrients in the body to promote health, and in turn, appearance. Customers select a “cocktail” — to build immunity, get the “Immune Plus;” to kickstart fat loss, get “Skinny” — and any add ons for an additional fee. It’s really popular for boosting skin health.

“It helps to rejuvenate,” Picot said.

“It’s not only about going to the doctor when you’re sick, it’s about trying to minimize the risk,” Rosales said.

Picot is also planning on installing a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. When in the chamber, air pressure is increased, usually to twice or three times normal air pressure. The lungs intake more oxygen, which is distributed by the blood to all parts of the body.

“Oxygen heals everything,” Picot said.

Though research is still coming out and it has been controversial among medical professionals, the Federal Drug Administration has approved HBOT as a treatment for numerous health conditions and diseases, including radiation injury from cancer treatment.

Picot is also doing spray tanning — she hopes to get a booth soon — selling supplements and products that she hopes will help clients continue supporting their bodies, even when they’re not in her salon.

The salon also carries products that Picot has selected specifically to help clients feel beautiful outside the salon.
Ivette Rosales | Special to the Daily

But even with fancy new techniques and knowledge of how to use them, the core of Picot’s business remains the same: helping people feel healthy, confident and beautiful as they are. She hopes that when people sit in her chair and hear the sounds of the river, they are able to relax and tune in with their inner and outer beauty.

“One of my clients came in here on day two, and she started tearing up. She said, ‘Kacee, this is your dream,’” Picot said. “I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in this valley, but if I sit and think about it: I live in this town, I’ve manifested this fantastic space, I love my clients, they sit in this chair and they’re like, ‘oh my god, I love my hair.’ I really have to take a minute and appreciate so much abundance in my life. It’s just wild.”

To book appointments, go to or call 970-390-3375.

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