Meet Ralph, the world’s tallest elf |

Meet Ralph, the world’s tallest elf

Nate Day
Ralph's duties as Head Elf include overseeing toy production, the naught and nice list and Santa's security.
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Every Christmas, Santa Claus is one busy guy. Between making a list and checking it twice, visiting with kids and delivering presents all around the world in a single night, it’s no wonder he needs a bit of help. That’s where Ralph comes in

Ralph is the world’s tallest elf, and he’s Santa’s right hand man. Coming in at 6 feet 3 inches tall, Ralph oversees the elves on the shelves, Christmas-related emergencies, the toy making, the naughty and nice list and even Santa’s security.

Ralph wasn’t always the tallest elf, however.

“I used to be a normal sized elf,” said Ralph. “But one night Santa was working on growing pills in the workshop. They looked a lot like peanut butter M&M’s, and I just couldn’t control myself!”

Ralph downed the entire jar of growing pills, and before he knew it, he started growing. Santa could even spot Ralph’s giant hat poking out of the elf dormitory as he was flying back in on his sleigh.

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When Ralph makes an appearance, he makes a special connection with the kids.

“They always ask me if they can touch my ears,” Ralph said. “So I ask if I can touch theirs!”

Ralph also gives special gifts to a lucky few children in each crowd he visits with Santa. Being the Head Elf of the Highest Green Order, Ralph carries precious and magical ice stones. Though the stones (often green colored) are plentiful in the North Pole, they’re rare to see in the rest of the world, especially the gold ones.

Ralph and Santa have worked very hard to make toys all year and deliver them to kids all across the globe, so they’ll be taking a well-deserved break for a while before getting back to work.

Keep an eye out for Ralph at Santa’s side as Christmas draws nearer in the valley, including at the Lantern Walk in Vail Village on Sunday.

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