Meet the man behind Matsuhisa, visiting Vail restaurant Tuesday, Feb. 6 |

Meet the man behind Matsuhisa, visiting Vail restaurant Tuesday, Feb. 6

Daily staff report

VAIL — Nobuyuki Matsuhisa will fulfill an annual tradition on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at Matsuhisa Vail as he visits his restaurant to work with the staff and greet guests. Known to the world as "Nobu," the acclaimed chef-restauranteur will be in the restaurant on Tuesday. Nobu's cookbooks as well as his newest released memoir will be available for purchase with autographs.

"Nobu San is always on the move," said Matsuhisa General Manager Jordan Harrill. "He knows the importance of being at his restaurants and travels all over the world at least three weeks a month to try and visit his more than 60 restaurants."

Nobu opened his first restaurant in the United States in 1987 — Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, California. Nobu now has restaurants all over the world, spanning across five continents.

"Mostly, I come to spend time to chef and work with the management teams, and I like to see all my staff here," Nobu said during his visit to Vail in 2017.

'Understand His Vision'

Harrill said Nobu especially likes the mountains and tries to come to Vail as often as possible.

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"It is important for him to be here for our staff to learn and understand his vision and for our customers to make memories with him at Matsuhisa in Vail," Harrill said. "He loves to see people enjoying the food he has created and takes every opportunity to say hello and thank his customers. Sometimes he'll even sit and share a dish with them."

The day will likely begin with a late-morning meeting between Nobu and the kitchen staff, followed by an afternoon meeting with the management team, then with the entire staff before service begins.

"He is very passionate about things being done correctly and consistently every time," Harrill said. "He really wants to know the staff that work with him and help him produce a Matsuhisa experience. He spends time during these visits to do that and also inspire in only the way Nobu San can."

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