Meet Your Chef: Sammy Shipman of Alpine + Antlers at Beaver Creek Lodge

Get to know your local Vail Valley chefs

Sammy Shipman moved to the Vail Valley in 2011 for one season and worked at Game Creek Club. He opened Alpine + Antlers in December of 2019.
Larisa Graham/Vail Daily archive

Editor’s Note: The Vail Daily is showcasing area chefs in a new series called “Meet Your Chef” so you can learn a bit more about those creating art in the kitchen. If you’re a local chef and would like to be a part of this series, please email Tricia Swenson ( and Sean Naylor (

Q: What is your name, where do you cook and what is your official title?

A: Sammy Shipman, Alpine + Antlers/executive chef.

Q: How long have you lived in the valley and what brought you here?

A: I moved here during the winter of 2011 to work at Game Creek Club for the season.

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Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to become a chef?

A: I always wanted to be a chef.

The Dover Sole is presented with roasted sunchokes and sunchoke puree, baby vegetables, brown butter and almond caper relish.
Alpine + Antlers/Courtesy photo

Q: Who has inspired you throughout your culinary journey?

A: Everything all around me from seasons, other menus, to staffing challenges inspire me to figure out kinks and what to improve upon even if doing the same dishes.

Q: What’s your favorite spice?

A: Using Italico’s spice blending program to create standardization in recipes.

Besides entrees, Alpine + Antlers has shareable plates and salads like this tuna with watermelon cherry blossom ponzu dish.
Alpine + Antlers/Courtesy photo

Q: Favorite protein?

A: Whatever fish is fresh or I like veal.

Q: Favorite fruits and veggies?

A: Kale, apples (no wax), our hand cut fries at Alpine and Antlers.

Q: Name your carb: pasta, potatoes, rice, polenta, etc.?

A: Fresh pasta.

Come in to Alpine + Antlers and enjoy the shrimp and saffron cous cous agrodolce.
Alpine + Antlers/Courtesy photo

Q: What’s your favorite comfort food?

A: Grill cheese and tomato soup.

Q: Is there anything else about you we should share?

A: Stop in and say hello at Alpine + Antlers, we are open for breakfast, brunch and dinner during the season.

Alpine + Antlers is located in the Beaver Creek Lodge in Beaver Creek Village.
Larisa Graham/Vail Daily archive

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