Meet Your Musician: Scott Munns at Bridge Street Bar Vail

Get to know your Vail Valley Musicians

Scott Munns started playing in the Vail Valley in 1995.
Scott Munns/Courtesy photo

Q: What is your stage/band name?

A: My name is Scott Munns.

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

A: I play a lot of rock and fun country tunes.

Q: What instrument(s) do you and your band members play?

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A: I play guitar. I used to play harmonica and then one time my mom came to a show and said, “That was a really good show, but you should stop playing the harmonica. You aren’t very good at it.” So, if your own mother tells you that you suck at harmonica you should stop playing harmonica!

Q:  How long have you been performing in the valley?

A: I have been playing in the Vail since May 1995. I worked at The Club when George Hilliard left and when Steve Meyer was there, in case any longtime locals remember those names.

Munns plays a variety of rock and country tunes and even a few songs he’s made up along the way.
Scott Munns/Courtesy photo

Q:  Where in the valley have you performed?

A: I play at the Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village now. I used to play at The Club, which became Shakedown Bar a few years ago. My main gig is at the Elbo Room on Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida. My work uniform is swim trunks and flip flops. I don’t tour anymore but I play a few songwriting festivals every year. I’ll be playing Rock By The Sea in Delray Beach, Florida, on Oct. 20-23.

Q. What’s your dream venue (in the valley or otherwise)?

A: Red Rocks in Colorado is a perfect dream venue in every way.

Munn’s main gig is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but he plays at the Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village several times a year. He will be playing in town until July 9.
Scott Munns/Courtesy photo

Q: What other styles of music do you (and members of your group) listen to?

A: My playlists range from ’80s hip hop to George Straight to Bruno Mars. So yeah … all of it.

Q: How does the Vail Valley music scene compare to other places you’ve played?

A: It compares pretty well with other places I’ve played. There is a lot of great music and great musicians in the Vail Valley. I may be biased because I’m friends with most of them.

Q: What can the crowd expect from one of your performances?

A: You are going to have fun. It’s my job to throw a party and if I do anything well … it’s that.

If you attend a Scott Munns show, expect to find a party.
Scott Munns/Courtesy photo

Q: Where can readers see a list of your upcoming shows?

A: I’ll be playing Bridge Street Bar from now until July 9. For upcoming shows and my Florida shows, check out my Facebook page and Instagram: @scottmunnsmusic.

Q: Anything else we should have asked, anything else you’d like to share?

A: Although I don’t live here, I still visit enough to consider it home. These Bridge Street Bar shows are very special to me.

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