Mother and daughter hide decorated pet rocks in Beaver Creek to brighten people’s days |

Mother and daughter hide decorated pet rocks in Beaver Creek to brighten people’s days

Linda Yeargan places decorated pet rocks near Beaver Creek Chapel on Wednesday, July 25, in Beaver Creek village. Linda and her mom, Mary Gail, have painted and hide around 60 rocks throughout Beaver Creek for people to find.
Chris Dillmann |

BEAVER CREEK — There’s nothing like finding a painted pet rock hidden around Beaver Creek to brighten up somebody’s day.

That’s been the goal of Linda Yeargan, and her mom, Mary Gail, while visiting Beaver Creek: to provide joy, even in the simplest way.

The family is from Alabama and visits Beaver Creek a few times a year. During their two-week stay this summer, Linda wanted to come up with a way to keep her mom busy and out of trouble. Her mom also happens to really love rocks, so the idea was born.

They started with Googling one-word inspirations such as “joy,” “love” and whatever else Mary Gail thought would bring smiles to people’s faces. Then, as unique and original words started becoming scarce, they started with sayings, even moving to Harry Potter-themed decorated rocks.

Working for a few hours a day on the rocks, the two paint them and then walk around Beaver Creek hiding the new rocks and checking to see if the old ones are still where they left them in previous days. The intention is for those who find the rocks to keep them or even to pass them along to others.

Finding spots is somewhat of a thrill.

“It just feels kind of naughty,” Linda said. “But it’s a lot of fun.”

Linda said Beaver Creek is her favorite spot in the world, and if she and her mom can bring joy to people, it makes it even better.

“I think it’s just something fun and crazy to do,” Mary Gail said. “The kids have a lot of fun finding them.”

Linda said as long as it makes her mom happy, as well, they’ll continue to hide the rocks.

The family is wrapping up this session of rock decorating and hiding, but said they would like to continue to do it when they return.

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